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Coach Coughlin analyzes Cowboys Game



Overall CommentsI am proud of the way we battled. It was not easy. There are plays out there that you shake your head, but they had a few of those too. They were on both sides. When we threw the interception on the screen it didn't look very good, but we were able to take the ball knowing we were down two scores and stay over the ball march down score. Our defense did a heck of a job, we got the ball right back and that was the story of the game. Forty six seconds is not enough, but thank god we got in the position we did.

On Jason Pierre-Paul blockHe is something else. He has a great motor and he keeps going. Early on in the game I was wondering where the heck is he. Then he comes back and makes plays like that and gets a piece of that field goal. That was something. I was    hoping for that to take place a few other times this evening too, but it just didn't take place.

On Eli ManningHe was really upset over the interception, but he comes right back. He comes right back and he takes the field and away we go. Sometimes I wish I was in that huddle so I could hear what was being said. He obviously made some great plays coming down the stretch. The play to Jake just to get us down there was a great play and of course the touchdown to Jake as well. We worked the middle of the field because the coverage they were in. They did a good job, they kept us kicking field goals and that was early on that I knew that was going to make the difference.

On what this win means to the seasonIt puts us on track back to the conference, everything that we sat out to in the very beginning and that is to win the division. More than that it gives us a win at a time that we really needed a win. The guys played very hard. Last week was a frustrating and a difficult loss. To bounce back and to get a win under those conditions and to play the way we did tonight, I thought that was very important.

Physicality of Brandon JacobsHe really did, that is two weeks in a row that he is pounding the ball in there. He is doing a real good job at that. He has gave us what we have needed. I don't know what his total yardage was, but he gave us pretty much that one whole drive.

Ahmad BradshawStrictly in-house.  Violation of team rules, that is all I am going to say.

Emotion from block at the end of the gameFirst of all when the kick was blocked it was the idea that we had won the game. You can't help your mind races ahead toward overtime.  Shore it all up for that one play, that one burst to try and block the kick and we got a finger on it and that was enough, but that was where it started. Then the other things started to fall in. I was happy for our players that they won. Then the idea of being in first place and so on and so forth. It won't be such a bad trip home tonight.

New York Giants timeoutI was talking to the referee the whole time telling him when I was going to go.

What did you say to the team after the game?I said congratulations. I thought they hung in there. This time of year there is nobody out there that is not nicked up. We have had guys play throw an awful lot of things. I was proud of them so I told them that.

On season where games have came down to the wireI can never remember a season like this where almost every game is right to the wire. I was just happy because we needed to have a locker room celebration. We have been starving for that.

On what is like to coach in a game like thisYou are not going to beat anyone of this quality unless you can make a stop and we made a critical stop and that was extremely important because I am sitting there with just one timeout.

Do you feel like you are a first place team right now?Give me a couple of minutes, yeah why not.

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