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Coach Coughlin Conference Call


Q: Have you made your roster moves and cuts?

A: Yes, we have and I think they were just released, so you will have it in your hands shortly.   

Q: Do you think Eli has the trust in his receivers that he needs to have?

A: I certainly think it depends on who you are talking about. I think he does have it with any number of guys. I think he is gaining it with some of the others.

Q: What do some of the receivers need to do to get that trust?

A: You have to be where you are supposed to be at the exact time and proper depth. You have to be able to react to the world around you to make the proper adjustments. Like I said last night, we missed a very critical sight adjustment and we threw an interception.  

Q: How many plays will the starters play Thursday?

A: That will be determined as we go along. I'm not going to say anything just yet.   

Q: Have you thought about not playing them at all?

A: Under these circumstances, yes.  

Q: What happened with Jernigan on the fumbled punts?

A: They were really poor. On one of them it was poor body position and not being properly aligned on the ball. He was surprised about where the ball was and trying to make a much more difficult catch out of it. It is mechanics and we have worked with that pretty much all training camp and we will continue to work with that. His one return was very nice, though.

Q: Other than Domenik Hixon, who else can return punts?

A: Aaron Ross. Aaron can get back there and do it. We have had Victor Cruz back there.   

Q: Because Ross is starting, are you reluctant to put him back there?

A: That would certainly be a good reason not to. The number one criteria is ball security. Just catch the ball, that is the number one criteria.   

Q: Are you concerned about the team's readiness for the season given the way your schedule has been disrupted?

A: You are supposed to be in training camp to prepare and that certainly means to practice. Just take a look at the practices we will not have this week. You are talking about a force of nature, you're not talking about someone making a decision not to practice. We were all caught short and we were instructed to play it safe. We got a practice in Saturday, and Sunday and Monday came along. This week, you are only talking about jog throughs. You are into that mode. The only day that you could have done anything was today. Tomorrow you can't. It is a lot of forced learning and you have a lot of sore people who are going through the idea of sitting right down the next day. Are they complaining? No, nobody is complaining. Whatever we are assigned to do, we will do it. It is just not an optimum situation. 

Q: You were frustrated with Beckum last night for not making the sight adjustment on the one interception? You had hoped he would replace Boss' production.

A: He had a couple of catches also last night, so he does that. It is just the consistency and the total package that is what you would hope would all come together. We have to be confident that it will.

Q: How worried are you about the offense not working the middle of the field in the passing game?

A: I can't think of one time during the preseason, so you bring up a really good point. This is a preseason where I can't think of us getting to the middle of the field on a play-action or anything where we had the decision after recognizing two deep or three deep and making the proper adjustment. I can't recall this preseason having that opportunity. We missed one the other night but quite frankly, the receiver was covered so it would have been a great throw just to get the ball in there. That's the only one I can think of for a whole preseason so when you talk about attacking the middle of the field, we really haven't had that type of opportunity.

Q: What is Kiwanuka's status?

A: He has a mild groin.

Q: Are there any other injuries out of last night's game?

A: Nicks and bruises but I don't think it is anything that requires mentioning. 

Q: Can you address the players (Barden and Koets) you placed on PUP today?

A: That decision was made with the health and well being of the player. They are just not ready to go so you just have to make a most difficult decision at the 53 to take care of them one way or another. Again, we spent an awful lot of time rehabbing these two players and let's hope they can get themselves in position so when needed, they are ready when called.

Q: Does it help to have a few more days with the five additional players?

A: Yes, to be able to play this game Thursday night with the additional players is very helpful.

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