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Coach Coughlin gives Injury Update


Was Mario out for the second straight day?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it the same thing with his knee?
A: Soreness.

Q: Would you call him day-to-day?
A: Yes, I would call him day-to-day.

Q: What about Osi?
A: Osi probably won't make it.

Q: Was Bradshaw not practicing scheduled?
A: He practiced yesterday and did a lot so we backed off today.

Q: Are you taking Boothe out because Baas is back?
A: He is not very far away, he is right next to him. We will be better and we will just keep getting better.

Q: Is there a reason why Justin Tuck wasn't on the injury report?
A: No, there is no reason to put him on there. He has fought his way through all of this stuff and he plays with it. Whatever is there is there and it is not going to end. It is not going to prevent him from doing anything. He is practicing every day and never missing a rep.

Q: Could it be a mindset to that also?
A: I think so. He is very much in favor of it.

Q: Do you think he has something left in the tank?
A: I do. I definitely do.

Q: How tough is the injury D.J. Ware is dealing with?
A: Tomorrow he should bounce back.

Q: Do you interact with Jets fans?
A: Occasionally, I even have some friends who claim to be. They are always good with how they present themselves and how they handle it. I acknowledge that they are Jets fans and I say good for you. You are an NFL fan and they will say yes.

Q: How is Jake Ballard?
A: He is day-to-day but he hasn't worked this week.

Q: How do you feel about the trash talk?
A: I have said all that I want to say about that. That part of it is over. I have said for three days what my thoughts are, I can't add anything to it.

Q: How do you feel about you players engaging in it?
A: They are expected to answer a question and I don't think that there was anything too bad about what they said.

Q: How much have you followed what Plaxico has been doing?
A: Just by virtue of what I watched on tape and I have answered that question, too.

Q: How was the practice today?
A: Good energy today as well.

Q: How has Bear played when you have worked him at tight end?
A: He plays hard and gives it everything he has. That is one thing about that guy, he is a tough guy and he does everything that you ask him to do. He gives you everything he has got.

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