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Coach Coughlin on Friday's practice


Q: How was practice and how is your team feeling?

A: It was good energy. They were excited to be out here. They practiced fast. We're very spirited. They're excited.

Q: Did you see a buildup during the course of the week? Did it get better and better?

A: Yesterday was a good day. Today was very much the same.

Q: Does the snow in Green Bay matter to you?

A: Not really. This time of year you know what you're going into and you just have to be prepared for it. I think we are.

Q: How did Ware and Bradshaw come through today?

A: They came through well. They worked well.

Q: When you were on the Giants staff in 1990 were there a lot of comparisons to the 1986 team?

A: Not that I recall. I wasn't here in '86.

Q: How about Dave Tollefson? A: He's done an outstanding job for us. He's been there all year, right through the thick and thin. As other people were not able to play he did and he contributed very well. He had a big game the last time we played Green Bay.

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