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Coach Coughlin on Rookie Mini Camp - Saturday


Q:  Jamaal Jackson – I didn't notice him out here today.  I could have missed him.A:  No, he retired.  Usually you don't count those guys unless they are hurt.  But you still managed to spot him.  He came in, he was very nice.  He just said, "Coach, I just don't feel like my heart is in it."

Q:  What happened to Markus Kuhn?A:  He got hurt.  He did something.  They looked at him and he has a laceration on his leg and they wouldn't let him go.

Q:  That was before he got here?A:  Yes.  In other words, you are not going to get me to tell you what he did.

Q:  In a camp like this you have a couple of safeties – Jackson, Hill, guys who have some talent, obviously.  But they also have some issues.  Do you just figure you bring a guy into camp and see what he can do and then maybe you take the next step?A:  Right – see how he interacts, what kind of condition he is in; how serious is he, how good is he in meetings, how does he communicate on the field - all of those things.

Q:  How about Brandon Bing?A:  He has had a pretty good camp.  Yeah, he has done well.

Q:  Is Jackson a guy who you maybe considered drafting at some point?A:  Janzen Jackson, the safety

Q:  Yeah, the safety.A:  I don't believe so, no.

Q:  Why is he here?A:  Because the scouting department felt he was a talented guy who had the same old deal – transferred out of one place – was a starter at one time at Tennessee.  They felt good about him but I don't believe he was ever in the discussion.  I could be wrong.

Q:  How did you like the way Joe Martinek looked out there today?A:  He has been pretty good the whole camp, to be honest with you; very steady.  I think probably he can play both spots.  That would be good.

Q:  How did Wilson look?A:  I don't know about this morning but yesterday afternoon he had some nice plays yesterday afternoon.

Q:  Did he catch the ball out of the backfield?A:  He did.  He made a couple of real nice catches.  We were watching him.  And I know that is something we want to continue to work with him on.

Q:  Any thoughts on players that have recently come out about whether their son should or shouldn't play football?A:  No, I'm not getting into that one.  We are talking about this mini camp, I thought.

Q:  Did you address any of the concussion concerns with your veteran players?A:  No.  I think the NFL is well, well documented -  the number one issue is player safety and we are all behind that 100 percent.  Beyond that I don't know what more I could say.

Q:  Is there one aspect about Martinek that you liked more than anything else.  Especially today, it seemed like he was catching the ball pretty well out of the backfield. Is there anything else?A:  He caught it well. I think he learns well and I think he is very motivated and I think he has some position versatility. 

Re: Markus KuhnA:  I can't say much because I haven't seen practice. But he is a very, very interesting young man.  We studied him on tape and we thought that he would be an outstanding prospect for us.  He is a thick body; powerful young man who I think will put some more weight on and he will be able to squat in there and do a nice job inside.  He has a very, very interesting story.  It was nice to talk to him a little about that in terms of – he has played club football in Germany – small teams – 20 guys on a team and that kind of thing.  He certainly did an outstanding job at N.C, State.  We are excited about him.  I just wish we could have gotten to see him a little bit out here.

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