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Coach Coughlin on the Giants' practice Friday


Q: How much does it help to have veteran guys to help teach the younger players like Prince?

A: When you are on the field and you have young guys like that on the field that have little practice time and play time as Prince has had, he has to be like a sponge. He has to take all the help he can from the veteran guys and they are helping. They like him and he is a very likeable young guy. He needs that kind of reinforcement on the field from his teammates and corrections as well.

* *

Q: Does Prince respond well to that?

A:* *I think he takes it well. He hasn't had any issues with it.

* *

Q: Would you like to have a game where it doesn't come down to the end?

A: I have been asked that question as if I really don't like those finishes. I like the ones that we win and I don't like the ones that we lose. Every game is a battle and seems to go relatively close to the wire and if that is the way it is then I am just rooting for us to have the ball last and be able to do something with it and win, even though it may be the last play of the game.

* *

Q: Do you think Eli can maintain his level of play late in the season when the weather becomes a factor?

A: I think he can.

Q: Is there anything about the new offensive line that allows you to run the ball better?

A: When you talk about someone like Kevin Boothe, who has played literally every position up there, he is smart and tough guy who has a tremendous attitude about whatever you need him to do, he will do it. Petrus is a tough guy.

* *

Q: Do you think they are better run blockers at this stage in their career?

A: I don't know, not necessarily.

* *

Q: How did Tuck do today?

A: He did ok. I don't think there was any setback.

* *

Q: Are you happy with where you are sitting with three weeks to go?

A: I don't know if that is a good word. We truly believe and talk to our team about taking care of your own business and that is where it is and that is where we are.

* *

Q: How has Hynoski been the last few weeks?

A: He played pretty well before he got hurt. He has a specific role and he does a good job with that. He picks things up well.  

* *

Q: Is there any reason why the defense has given up so many points at the end of halves?

A: I didn't know that stat but obviously we need to do better.

* *

Q: Eli is a guy who says he wants the ball in his hands at the end, like a basketball player who wants to take the last shot. Are there quarterbacks that don't want the ball last?

A: No, I don't think so. You want a guy who wants to be in the position. I don't know if it is last but he wants to be in the position to take his team down and score. Eli has been like that and that is the way he has always been.

* *

Q: How important is Tuck as far as keeping containment on the edge?

A: Any time you have a player of his caliber, it is very important. We knew exactly what (Washington) wanted to do by objective the first game and we did alright. They made some adjustments in their game against New England and quite frankly, they did a nice job of scheming it.

* *

Q: Grossman has thrown 16 interceptions this season. What have you seen from Rex Grossman this season?

A: He played very well against us the first time and that is what I am going on. He threw the ball well and he directed his team well. That is all that I look at. I know about the turnovers, they are minus-14, so something has been happening. I think he has played well. You talk about a tough guy, he starts the season as a starter and goes through a period where he wasn't and now he is back. They have been battling pretty much every game as well. Join other diehard Giants Fans!

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