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Coach Coughlin PM Practice

Q:  What is your reaction to working here in the new stadium?

A:  It's good to be here; really good to be here.  We needed to get in here.  It is a beautiful, beautiful stadium.  I have been in the locker rooms, we have been upstairs.  We were in the Commissioner's Club.  It a gorgeous place and it is one proud organization, we are, to think of this as our home stadium.  So to come in here, to have an opportunity to work on the turf, to check the wind out – it is different from Giants Stadium.  It is a different venue – it did swirl on us here today.  The crowd, the excitement, the energy to talk to our fans, to tell them how much we appreciate them and to say, hey, this is just a reminder of the 12th Man Principle and how much we need them as we go into the regular season.  But this has been a very good experience to come in. I'm glad we did this on a beautiful, beautiful spring day.  The guys really appreciated it and it gives us a really good end to our first day – our second practice – our first day of our mandatory minicamp.

Q:  How about getting used to where the clocks are, where the replay is – there is so much that you have to get used to.

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A: Yeah there us, but we have three preseason games to handle that. So that will be something that we will address as we come in here, for example, and do a two-minute drill, get ourselves oriented to where those type of things are -- the 40-second, straight in front of us – very low.  So we would have to experience that. 

Q:  How is Domenik Hixon?

A:  I'm not sure yet – we'll see.  This turf kind of snagged his foot.  He didn't get it up out of the turf.  We are hoping that it is not something serious.  I think he will be sore tomorrow.  The extent of it, I'm not sure right now.  Domenik is a tough guy, now.  He has fought his way through some things in the past.  Hopefully this is not something serious.

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