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Coach Coughlin reflects on Jets game


A:  Like I said last night, the overall objective, of course, is to play as many people as you can and to have the opportunity to evaluate.  Everything that you do is intended to help the objective, which is to win.  From that standpoint, you're always happy to win.  However, there's an awful lot of things that have to be corrected.  I spoke to the fact last night that I thought both teams' defenses, our defense and the Jets' defense, both played very well and created a lot of problems for the offense.  Created protection problems, created mismatch problems in terms of running the ball.  We had a couple of pass plays down the field, which were very positive things.  In their own light, Rueben Randle had a very nice play; David Douglas had a very nice play.  We had some nice run after the catch by JJ (Jernigan).  We had a few things of that nature, some runs that had some opportunities, not many, but there were some.  There was some good and some bad.  From an offensive standpoint as well, nothing consistent, and that was bothersome to me.  I mentioned I didn't like the interception, Eli was kind of scrambling around; he indicated that he thought he was throwing it out of bounds.  Our field position was good there, we were almost at midfield, we would've had the opportunity to drive the ball down and do some more work offensively instead of turning it over right back to them.  Certainly the blocked punt creates a big issue for you.  Usually when a punt gets blocked, the team that had the punt blocked losses the game, we were fortunate that that didn't happen.  We had some of our issues; we had a lot of circumstances where there might've been punt returns that didn't work out.  We kicked the ball off very well, and when we did create a situation with a ball well kicked, with height and hang time, we covered well.  We had one bad kick, that was a line drive, that bounced right to the return man, and they had a very good return out of that, and that is bothersome, too, but it also gives further proof to the fact that if you're going to have the chance to cover against some of these outstanding return men, that you need to place the ball exactly where you want to, and you need to have the hang time that goes along with it.  There's all kinds of things that we can learn from this game.  We'll be rapid-fire in the morning when we look at the tape and make the corrections, because really tomorrow afternoon we have to get into Chicago in order to have three good days, three practice days.  We're going to learn from this tape, and we're going to move quickly and onto the next opponent.

Q:  Thoughts on the running backs' performance against the Jets:A:  We had a couple of decent runs, as I said, David (Wilson) had a nice run, Andre Brown had a nice run that was called back.  Da'Rel Scott had a couple of runs where he ran up in there hard, although we didn't have a lot of yardage to show for it.  There were a couple of things: the short yardage pick-up by Henry (Hynoski), although not a lot of distance, was a plus for us.  We've not always, in the last couple of years, been very good in that area.  That was a plus.  It gave us one more form of a weapon to be utilized in that circumstance.  That was a good thing.  To be honest with you, from the standpoint of our offensive line, the amount of looks that we got last night, and the communication that was necessary, and the split-second timing in regard to how things would be conducted up-front, that's all good stuff.  You cannot underestimate how valuable the pressure of that kind of scheme in our second preseason game, how valuable that is to us going forward.  That's going to be very helpful.  I didn't like it, a lot of it, and we certainly had our share of mistakes, and our second and third guys were kind of swimming a little bit, but I don't think there's any question about the value of it.  Having experienced it this early in the season, the benefit going forward. 

Q:  Do you have any updates on Bradshaw or Hosley?A:  Bradshaw at this point, they're still doing things, but they're calling it a right hand contusion, and I haven't heard anything else.  Hosley, they're going to deal with this as a turf-toe kind of an issue.  It's a toe issue.  Hopefully nothing will turn up in terms of all the tests, and then it's going to be something that is going to be very sore, there's no doubt.  How he is able to deal with it will indicate how fast he can get back on the practice field. 

Q:  Did Hosley do that on his interception return?A:  I don't know when he did it.  I'm not sure he does.  He had a couple of punt returns, and that play, and he only played seven plays from scrimmage.  Where it occurred, as far I know, he did not clarify exactly when it happened.

Q:  Thoughts on the rest of the defense besides the starters getting after the quarterback later in the game, like Will Hill, Adewale Ojomo, and Carlton Powell:A:  I think that, in particular, your second and third offensive lines have a lot on their plate to deal with right away.  I think that our scheme was basically the same.  We didn't have to employ as much pressure as the Jets did, but we still moved our people around, and our people got around the edge, and that's basically what it was.  Will Hill was able to pressure, and (Adewale) Ojomo did well, he had a couple of really good rushes.  Craig Marshall had a couple of good rushes.  As you mentioned, Powell.  I was disappointed that there weren't a few more.  I would've liked to see Adrian Tracy have some more opportunities to exert some pressure on the quarterback.  They were playing hard, there were situations there toward the end of the game when you knew the ball had to be thrown, and the guys just kind of set their ears back and went.|

Q:  Thoughts on David Wilson's and Danny Ware's performances in Game 2:A:  Again, David had an opportunity or two, not many, but he did have a couple, and he looked pretty good running up in there on those opportunities.  Danny had maybe one or two runs that were pretty good, we didn't have any really breakout runs to speak of.  As I said, there weren't many.  It was pretty inconsistent, and some choppiness.  Each one of the guys seemed to have a play or two that was good and a play or two that was bad.

Q:  Thoughts on David Wilson in other aspects of the game:A:  He had a nice pass protection pickup.  He probably should've stayed up and not tried to cut the rusher, but he did.  He knew who he had, and he came over with aggressiveness, and so he did understand that aspect of pass protection, which is a good thing. 

Q:  The third preseason game is usually when the starters play more than they have before. Are you going to let them play more?A:  We usually do that.  We'll play up to the half with our starters, and see where we are at that point in time.  I don't usually go much beyond that. 

Q:  Any updates on Mark Herzlich or Adrian Tracy?
A:  No, just that they're going to be sore.  Herzlich has the hip-pointer, and Adrian (Tracy) has a little bit of a hamstring.  They need to get back out on the field, and they both know it.  It's a shame that that happened, especially as quickly as it did last night without many reps. I'm hoping they can play through some of this. 

Q:  Thoughts on the video of players pulling a prank involving an ice-tub, and being put up on the Internet:A:  I'm learning about that today, I really didn't have any information about that until maybe an hour ago, an hour before this conference call.  I'm going to look into it; I'm going to talk to the parties involved.  As I understand it, there were some parts that were inappropriate, and anything that occurs within this family or within our group should not be a part of any social media aspect.  I'm going to address that strongly, and I've spent a little time on that this preseason, but I'll look into it further. 


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