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Coach Coughlin Transcipt


Q: Any roster moves?

A: David Carr. Ben Patrick. Those are the two.

* *

Q: Sounds like Ahmad Bradshaw is close to being finalized too?

A: From what I understand, yeah.

* *

Q: Relief to have Ahmad Bradshaw back?

A: Oh sure, absolutely. Absolutely. The sooner the better. Get him in here.

* *

Q: Does the Ben Patrick signing mean anything for Kevin Boss?

A: No. Competition. Boss, come back in here, too.

* *

Q: What did you like about Ben Patrick?

A: He worked out very well for us. Caught the ball well. Moved well. He's in very good shape.

* *

Q: He doesn't have a lot of receptions. Is he a better pass catcher than he's shown or is he more of a blocker?

A: He caught the ball well for us, but obviously in some other offenses that he's been in, that's not the way he was utilized. That's good. We need blockers as well.

* *

Q: What is Osi telling you about not practicing?

A: The Osi issue, I don't really have anything to comment on because it's not resolved. I would not be the one to comment about that. I think at some point we'll have all of those answers for you, but tonight I don't have them.

* *

Q: When will that become a distraction? Or is it already?

A: Right now, to be honest with you, it's not. We wouldn't want to go a whole lot further than this, obviously. We want everybody focused on making our team better. The sooner that all of these things get resolved and we get Osi back on the field, the better we're going to be.

* *

Q: Does his hip have anything to do with why he's out?

A: No.

* *

Q: Whenever this is resolved, he's ready to go right back to practice?

A: That I can't tell you. I can't tell you that.

* *

Q: Do you think there's still a possibility that he'll be on the field for you?

A: Do I? Yes. I'm hopeful.

* *

Q: Justin Tuck told us today that Marvin Austin impressed him, that he didn't expect that much out of him at this point. What about you?

A: He has been exactly what we thought he is. He's very quick, very competitive, has very good leverage, chases the ball, runs to the ball. First couple of days, no pads. He's done well. He's done the things we asked him to do.

* *

Q: Kenny Phillips said today that he feels a lot more explosive. Have you seen that?

A: We had that conversation prior to the start of practice. Hopefully we're going to see that. I don't know that I've had a chance to really see that yet, but I do believe it's coming.

* *

Q: How do you address Ahmad Bradshaw's fumbling issues?

A: That is something that we all have to work on. The whole team, we talked about our worst to best this morning and again how unbelievable it was. To lead the league in take aways and lead the league in giveaways, it is just ridiculous. That is something that everyone has to be concerned with. If we can get back to the 2008 numbers, if we did that last year, we would have two more wins.

* *

Q: What will you say to him about it when he comes in?

A: Ball security. Ball security. Ball security, even at the expense of trying to make the extra effort. To know exactly where the ball is at all times and to know people are coming after you. That is the nature of our game now. 

* *

Q: How do you think he handled his increased workload last year?

A: He handled it well.

* *

Q: Can you talk about the signing of David Carr?

A: We had wanted to have four quarterbacks on the team. David (Carr) was available and it was a point where we thought we would need another quarterback in camp. He knows the system so we brought him back.

* *

Q: Are you happy to see Chad Jones back?

A: It was really nice to see him. I looked over and saw this big guy over there and I said that son of a gun looks like Chad. He looks great and sounds good. He is saying that he is about 70% and that he has some sense or motion in some of those key areas. It would be a great, great thing for this kid to come back and play. Everybody feels bad for him but yet you can't miss the attitude that he has because he has had it since day one when he was laying in The Hospital for Special Surgery. His attitude was tremendous and he was going to come back.

Q: When was the last time you saw him?

A: He came up to a game but I don't remember when. We did see him. I think he was up for a game.

* *

Q: Do the players have a complete day off tomorrow?

A: You know what I said to the guys this morning? You guys have been here for a tremendous number of days, like three, and you are going to have a day off. I don't think it has ever been done in the history of football. They have the training room, obviously. That is mandatory. They can come in and if they do, it is voluntary.

Q: Have any of the rookies stood out to you so far?

A: It is probably early to talk about that.

Q: With only one practice a day, are you getting the amount of work you need?

A: That is very difficult to say that. The first thing and I have to tell them every night, I keep track of all the snaps and I keep track of all the plays. I keep track of the number of times run. There is one color ink for walk through and there is another color ink for practice. But what we are getting done in the walk through better suffice for some of the learning because we are just not going to get that many number of snaps out here. In the first three practices, I have 40, 46, and 50 snaps. We thought we would be operating with three teams and it is more like two teams. So I will increase the number of snaps when we get this other group August 4th.  The walk through is absolutely critical and the players have to see it that way and focus on it just as if they were practicing.

* *

Q: What role will D.J. Ware play?

A: He has done some nice things out here for the first three days so hopefully he is just going to keep going. He seems to have s sense or air of confidence about him so hopefully he is just going to keep going.

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