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Coach Coughlin Transcript


Q: How do you feel about Kevin Boss signing with the Oakland Raiders?A: Disappointing but it was something that occurred just recently. We were very much involved in that but the decision is the decision. I wish him well.

Q: How far apart were the Giants and Boss on a contract?A: I'm not sure of the details.

Q: How big of a loss was that?A: Obviously we would have liked to have him here. We have five guys in here that are now going to have to compete for a job.

Q: Do you need to bring another tight end to the team?A: You are always looking for whatever you can do to improve everywhere. That is never going to stop.

Q: How does this affect Bear Pascoe?A: We will see how that works out. He is bigger and he is stronger. Ballard is obviously here for that job and for one purpose. He is a little better with that and continues to develop Beckum into a consistent player. He makes a great play and then a not so good play. The guys that are here are going to have to prove to us that we can continue and run the offense we want to run. If we have to make adjustments, we will do it. 

Q: How important was it to get Prince signed?A: The rookies should and need to be in here. If they are going to help you right away, then they need to be here. We didn't have an offseason so getting here and getting going is important.

Q: Is he here yet?A: He was supposed to land this morning but I haven't seen him.  

Q: Do you expect him to practice?A: I do.

Q: How fast will he be able to catch up?A: It depends on how fast he can learn a new language. It is Chinese to him right now so he has a lot of work to do that way. 

Q: Can you talk about the Bruce Johnson injury?A: Very sorry and very sad about Bruce. Bruce had two in a row, the ACL knee and now the Achilles. We were all stunned by it because there was no reason why it should have happened. He was just backpedaling. He was just doing something of that nature and all of a sudden this occurs. Why it happens, I always ask myself that. I feel bad for Bruce. Prince coming in here and we would like to stay at a healthy number at corner. The special teams aspect with corners, wide receivers and tight ends. Those guys are running all the time. Our numbers will have to stay up in those areas.

Q: How much do you think Prince can handle at first?A: I think you've got to give him the terminology first so that he has the understanding and there is nothing he is confused with from a verbalization standpoint. Then you have to just throw it at him. You will bring him to a point where he can help us and then you will assess how he can help us. After that it is continuous extra time devoted to getting there as fast as he can. He has a lot of classroom work to make up for. You figure four hours a day in the classroom since we have been here. 

Q: How much are you concerned with Osi's knee?A: It is a concern but we are day-to-day until we see how that is.

Q: Were you aware of the injury?A: Yes, I was aware.

Q: Are you able to tell the veteran players who helped the younger players during the offseason?A: I know Chris Snee did the same thing with Brewer. He made an introductory sheet for offensive linemen and made sure he got it. Eli organized the practices and what they were going to work on. That type of thing. Those are the ones that I know of at this point. I can't imagine that Jon Goff didn't do the same thing. I just think any of the veteran guys would have in that position. If a rookie would have come up, I know they would have gotten extra help.

Q: Can you tell with some of your players?A: I can tell when you go out there. That's the problem when we meet and jog through, it goes real slow and it goes like that. That is the difference.

Q: What do you see in Ballard?A: He is a blocker. He is doing everything now. He is flanked out and he has made some nice catches and versatility would be good but at the point of attack, that is what he has to be able to do. He is 276 pounds, he has to. 

Q: If Osi has surgery how long do you think he will be out?A: I don't know. I'm hoping he doesn't and we go from there.

Q: What role will Kiwanuka play this season?A: We will do what we can and on first and second downs and on third down, we will do what we can.

Q: How did he look last night?A: He looked fine.

Q: Is he a linebacker or will he bounce around?A: At this point, yes.

Q: If Osi is not here, will he play linebacker?A: At this point, yes.

Q: What are your impressions of Brewer?A: Athletic. He has a lot of work to do.

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