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Good morning. What can I do for you?
Q: Got a story?A: No. Wish I did. Okay good, that's it.

Q: With Pascoe playing more tight end, you're putting Hynoski there with your first team. What do you see in him? Is that a lot for a rookie free agent?
A: He's done well with that part of it. That's a pure fullback in the pure fullback position. Hopefully, he'll be the physical presence that we need. He catches the ball very well. He hasn't had a lot of problems with assignments, which has been real good. As we advance, he basically has to master first and second down, which should be to his advantage.

Q: Is he an explosive type blocker?
A: That's the thing that we're encouraging him to do. We haven't been in pads a lot, so he's not been doing much of that. He does have to do that and clear the path and get people out of the way and that kind of thing.

Q: How much is Charles Way working with him? He's the only old fullback here.A: Works with him. You see him on the side with him a little bit. He sits next to him in meetings and stuff like that. He's helping.

Q: How is Pierre-Paul coming along?A: He's coming along well. He's a very physical presence. He's been very quick off the ball. He and Beatty have gone out there pretty much every day and whether they have pads on or not, they compete like heck. It's been a very good thing.

Re: more on Pierre-Paul's developmentA: He definitely could've used the offseason like a lot of the young guys can. He's come out here and he's made a couple of errors, but it hasn't been anything unusual, not anything different than a lot of young guys. I think he's picked it up well and he'll continue to get better.

Q: Could you talk about the flexibility he gives you?

A: That's the whole key for us is the flexibility we have with the defensive ends. He fits right in very well with that, whether he's playing over the guard, playing outside, standing up. He can do all those things. He can drop to a spot. He's very athletic. He can do all that. Even some of our tackles can get involved.

Q: With Steve Smith not here, is there concern of who's …A: We're going to find that out. We're going to work that out. Domenik has been the third. We unfortunately have to slow him down on occasion, say every other day, to get him stronger and healthier and feeling faster coming off of his surgery. There's a lot of room for a lot of people if they could just improve and come along. Barden, get out there for crying out loud. So there's plenty of opportunities. I'm hoping these guys will advance.

Q: Are you hearing Barden …A: I don't know what I'm hearing. I'm basically just using the needle on a couple of these guys. Don't let this time go by now without having been on the field because it's not going to be that helpful. I showed them this morning, which was a good idea, to be honest with you. We walk in, we start the meeting, and I say, 'Okay, look up here at the calendar, fellas. You're playing next Saturday. It's Saturday.' I don't know what day it is, but somebody said it was Saturday. 'Next Saturday we're playing a game.' And we have a day off. And the day before the game is normally a day off.

Q: You like having three receivers there. Until you establish that, that could be a factor?A: It could be. It could definitely be. The other side of the ball is observing these young guys. That's how you're going to go through the preseason, just hoping that people come along. It's time. It's a great opportunity for them.

Q: Even if you get Steve back, it could take him awhile right?
A: I think so. He's not going to step in right away.

Q: How long do you think it would be for him?A: Don't know. Wouldn't want to speculate on that.

Re: Tollefson's returnA: He's been working his butt off. He's about 268, 270. He can run. He can play on special teams. He could go in there and be one of our package guys on second and long or third down. He knows the system. He knows where we're coming from. The guys all wanted him back. He is back. Hopefully he's going to help.

Q: Did Andre Brown improve at all?
A: I like what I see out of Andre. It's no surprise to any of you just to say the fact that he looks fast. He has looked fast.

Q: Whether it be just weight or body fat, were you able to kind of get a picture at all about Prince after last night?

A: We didn't do much with him. We have to ease him into it. Dave will be eased into it also.

Q: I know we asked about young linebackers. I don't know if we asked specifically about Kenny Ingram. He's working with the second team. He looks to be in the right spot with a lot of effort.A: He is. Those other young linebackers are all making very favorable impressions, all three of them.

Q: Which guys are you referring to?A: Paysinger. There's more than three really. Jones. Williams. Herzlich made a play or two yesterday as well.

Q: How about Tracy?A: He's been impressive as well. I wish we had a lot more time. But in the time we have, they've done a good job and they've got to keep doing it.

Q: Ingram's been working with the second time. He's been back with you guys a couple of times. Is that a sign that you like what you see in him and there's potential there?
A: There's definitely something there.

Q: Osi's still status quo?A: Until somebody tells me different.

Q: We're talking about time. In this next week before this game, what do you hope to accomplish? What can happen?A: Some continuity. Like last night, for example, we try to get into some of the sophisticated cadence stuff. We have a lot of young, not young, but, a lot of linemen that haven't been here. So, naturally you have people jumping around. If you're going to be able to use all your weapons, they've got to have more time on the field. That's what I hope to find out.

Q: Is the first game to get your guys real time or is it to start weeding out the roster?
A: It's just to be able to look and as you always do, evaluate. You're trying to evaluate a lot of guys. They all will have a lot of play time.

Q: Have your doctors and trainers examined Osi's knee?

A: Before the physical, yeah, or during the physical. They're here every day, so I'm sure they are.

Q: Tyler Sash …A: I understand he had his entire hometown and everybody, probably 12 people who were here. He played well last night. He made a nice interception at center field and did a good job. You can tell. The coaches keep talking about how his angle has improved in just a couple of days.

Q: What do you think about Victor Cruz this camp?
A: He knows a little bit more about what he's doing and what's expected of him. He's athletic. He does a nice job on teams. He's flashed as a receiver. Again, a guy that would've definitely benefitted from the offseason.

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