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Q: How surprised or disappointed were you with the injury to Prince?A: Shocked is a better word.  He did individual and as far as I know he took one play. So I have no idea how.  He had some issues working out.  He had no communication with us and he said he was sore in that area, too. Who knows?

Q: So this didn't happen last night?A: It happened last night.

Q: But he was hurting when he came into camp?A: No, he said he had had some issues, some soreness. I'm not quoting him now.  All I know is, I'm being told secondhand that he did say that. Back to the original, it's shocking. It's most difficult. We've done this before. We've gone through this before.  You wait and wait and wait and then you get a guy in here. We were very conscious of the fact that he hadn't been around, hadn't been here and so regardless of what we were dressed in we were going to make sure to take good care of him. He wasn't going to get many snaps but that's to no avail. So we're disappointed, very disappointed.  The only thing we can say now is that hopefully he's on track to have a chance and recover.  I think Beatty did this a couple years ago, it was 8 or 10 weeks and hopefully it'll be the same.

Re: practicing with the number of players currently sidelinedA: Well we're always going to juggle, we have other issues here, we've got issues and we have to keep some kind of balance so we can go ahead continue to practice like we want.  To have the three teams, to be able to have that kind of depth and practice the way we are, you know our big guys are averaging about 21-22 plays a practice and there's still guys on the back end around 28 or 29.  We could stay on schedule with that with a lot of snaps for everybody, but once you start picking away at it and you lose a guy here and you lose a guy there, you're talking about starting to reduce your snaps and when you start doing that you really have a lot of people that are going to be reduced and lose their snaps to be able to play in the games and do what you want them to do. So it's a double-edged sword.

*Q: With the injuries and the Osi situation are you concerned about the mindset of the team? *A: No, I think the mindset's good.  The players are good about that. They're very good about that. We've overcome all this stuff. We'll do it again.

Q: You mentioned the Beatty timetable.  Is it different for a cornerback?A: I'm sure it is. It's a lighter athlete. Beatty being an offensive lineman and having to be able to push like he pushes.   Everybody's got to be able to run so we're just guessing.  I don't know.

Q: Are you wondering at this point what else could go wrong?A: No.

Q: What have you seen out of Darius Reynaud that you did not see last year?A: He's in, I think, better shape. He runs much better. His mechanics even as a punt returner are improving.  He has made quite a few plays here in preseason so I like what I've seen.

Q: He said when his agent called him and said the Giants wanted to re-sign him, he thought his agent was joking. Why did you want to bring him back?A: Because we thought he could help us. The player that we traded for, we thought he could help us.

Q: How shocked are you with Patrick leaving camp and how much does that throw the tight end spot off?A: I had no knowledge of any issues there. I wish him well. I hope he gets his situation under control.

Q: How much does it mean that the other tight ends in camp have to step it up?A: I'm sure if I was playing tight end I would think this gives me an opportunity to have more snaps.

Q: Would this have changed the way you handled the Boss situation?A: I can't speculate on that. I have no idea.  I don't think anybody saw this coming.

Q: Is this something like he could be back or is he gone now?A: One step at a time. He's gone now.

Q: How has Aaron Ross looked so far?A: I think he's been good. He's had a few circumstances as is with all the players but he's spry, he's done a nice job back there in punt returns and he's been energetic, enthusiastic, his mind's been in the right place.  I think he's done okay.

Q: You kept Mario Manningham down last night. Is that anything serious?A: No, just an ankle, he's supposed to come back today. I'm sure he'll be limited.

Q: Do you have any indication of when Osi might practice?A: No.

Q: How's the punting competition looking?A: It's not really heated up yet. It will.

Q: How long do you expect Devin Thomas to be out?A: I'm sure it will be until the time when they feel like he's not going to gain some kind of infection because of the taping, untaping, showering, all that. So, let's face it, it's a bad spot for a receiver because there are an awful lot of things that Devin could be doing out there other than that. It'll be a while, it'll be a while.

Q: Did he have surgery on that?A: I don't think so. No, I don't think you'd call it surgery.

Q: When you look at your slot receiver what are the five most important traits that you want?A: There are some fundamental routes that they have to learn very, very well. Obviously quickness, knowledge of the game, how to work in the middle of the field, is he a big play threat, what's his run after the catch ability like, how consistent is he, how smart is he, being able to maneuver in traffic.

Q: Does he have to be one of you toughest guys?A: He has to be one of the most consistent guys.

Q: Is Osi's situation injury related?A: I can't tell you. You've read everything.  There's nothing I'm telling you.  I said it in the beginning, I have nothing new.

Q: Are you running out of patience?A: Thank you for leading me into that one. I would like to think that this will be resolved shortly, I hope, and he'll be out on the field.  I'll stick to what I've always said.

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