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Coach Coughlin Transcript


Q: How is it to have Osi back?A: It was good. It was spirited and I thought the practice was very good. He jumped right in there and tries to beat the ball like he normally does. It was good to see. Again, it is a nice battle for the left tackle on that side and JPP going to both sides serves us well in terms of the rotation. 

Q: Will that be the rotation?A: That is what it will be, yes.

Q: So Osi will be in with the first string?A: Yes, and so is JPP.

Q: Do you know how you will manage Osi's knee?A: I haven't been told the exact schedule. Hopefully it will be with the days off and that type of thing before we have to worry about that type of thing. I wouldn't be surprised that he has to from time to time just stay out of it for a practice.

Q: Do you think he will play Monday?A: We will see. If you look back, we kind of brought people back really slow so it wouldn't be rushed. If he is ready to play, then he will play a few snaps.

Q: How much has he missed?A: He is not behind in any meetings. The football part he is up on completely.

Q: Do you think it is all behind him now?A: I hope so and that's all I am going on. He is here and he wants to work. He wants to be apart of the team and we certainly want him to be but we want it all. We don't want part of it, we want it all and I am hoping that's the way it is.

Q: Was his attitude any different today?A: Nope. He was very competitive.

Q: Does he change the personality of this team in any way?A: I just think the players themselves as a group were energetic and enthusiastic than we were the other day. He just fit right in with that.

Q: Have you talked to him at all?A: I haven't gotten to him yet. I had a few today with different individuals but I haven't had an opportunity to sit with him, but I will.

Q: What will you talk to him about?A: That will be between he and I.

Q: Where did that spark come from today?A: I hope we are getting there, that's all. What changed is that we looked at it on tape and it wasn't very good and now let's do something about it. I hope that's what it is.

Q: How is Lawrence Tynes doing?A: He surprised me and it looks like he is probably day-to-day.

Q: Does that mean that the team won't sign another kicker?A: I don't know. It does at least give us the opportunity to find out what is out there. If we did work some people out, that would be fine.

Q: How is Tollefson doing?A: His back was bothering him a little bit.

Q: Did it happen on Saturday?A: I would imagine.

Q: What is going on with Sam Giguere?A: Sam, it is a groin, but it is a serious groin.

Q: Is Sage Rosenfels sick?A: Yes, Sage is sick and he played sick the other night. 

Q: How is Barden coming along?A: He is just normal. We are trying to run him to see where he is, nothing new that I know of.

Q: Was Giguere waived?A: No. He was going to do some medical stuff.

Q: Do you plan on using Hixon on punt returns?A: He has that ability to do that but I am not going to make that statement on when he will do that. Certainly not going to do it early. Not the next week.

Q: Is Hixon on a regular practice schedule?A: No, he is still listed as every other day.

Q: What do you think about Jernigan?A: In the return game he was okay. We had a chance on a punt return and Reynaud had a chance for one but he slipped. If he had gone outside, I think it would have been pretty good. To tell you the truth, the last couple days practice wise and game wise the other night, he has probably performed better than he has the whole fall. I'm hoping that will transcend into the return game as well.

Q: Have you moved Bear Pascoe back to fullback?A: He is the fullback, and the second tight end. That's where he always plays. That is his job, that's what he does.

Q:  You didn't turn the ball over the other night. How are you addressing preventing turnovers?A: Consistent pounding and reminding. If you watch the drills, two out of the four are fundamentals at the very beginning of practice. Those drills are anti-turnover drills.

Q: How did Ryan Perriloux do?A: He threw two nice balls today for big plays. He has a strong arm but it would be nice if he was more comfortable and able to speed it up a little bit. I think that will happen naturally, the more he understands. He does throw a really nice ball.

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