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Coach Coughlin Transcript

Q: What is the playing time distribution for Monday's game?A: The ones will go 25-30 and the two group will have a big share again and a little less for the threes than what they got before.

Q: What about the quarterback rotation?A: It will be Eli. It will be Carr and it will be Ryan.

Q: How do you decide on a number two quarterback? Is it simply what they do at the position?A: There is more to it. Sage does holding. There are contributions to the meeting room. There are all kinds of stuff.

Q: What is going on with Terrell Thomas?A: He has a sore leg so we just held him.

Q: Do you as a coach have to think about contracts when deciding on a player?A: Who is the best, that's what I think about.

Q: Do you expect Corey Webster back Monday?A: Corey should be back Sunday. He had a death in the family and he is a pallbearer. He left to be with his mother. I believe it was his mother's brother. 

Q: How does the camera on Ryan Perriloux's helmet help you?A: It just shows you where his eyes are so we are following his eyes to make sure they are going where they are supposed to be going as he sets. Whether he starts with the safety read, it's an area read or a directional read, if he is supposed to go in one particular spot first. You like to think they are going where they are supposed to be so you just put that on to check.

Q: Why did you want to do that with him?A: It is just a thought. Let's see if we can help him just a little bit more with where his eyes are.

Q: Ryan said the picture isn't that great.A: It is a little dark, not as clear as I was hoping.

Q: Have you thought about doing that with the other quarterbacks?A: If it was offseason, maybe but not right now.

Q: How far away is Barden from practicing?A: All I know is what they tell me and he has a ways to go.

Q: Do you see progress in the team?A: You see it a little bit but it has to be full speed to get it to where you feel like you are making progress. We will know a little bit more after Monday night. It's a very good team and a very good defensive team.

Q: Is there one group you will be looking at more?A:I wish there was but there is more then one. I would like to see players at various spots play well, step up and answer some questions for us.

Q: Will there be any difference since camp is ending?A: There won't be any bed checks, that's all. It does change the schedule. You have to admit, this have been a very good schedule. It is not practicing twice a day but it is a lot of meeting time. A lot of time spent together and that will change a little.

Q: Do you prefer being away or here?A: It is a different experience. There are some pluses and minuses for both. I haven't spent much time thinking about that one.

Q: Nothing that jumps out to you?A: No I don't think I feel anything like that. I don't think there is one thing that jumps out at me.

Q:  What about team chemistry since you are not away together?A: We are pretty much stuck with each other right here, honestly. They are spending a lot of time together right here. Early in the morning until 830 or more at night so there is a lot of time spent.

Q: Was it better here because of the rain and you have the field house?A: We probably would have had to go somewhere because you definitely can't miss a practice. Not with only once a day.

Q: What have you seen from Linval Joseph?A: Linval has been impressive. As the amount of playtime goes and the level of competition gets better and the offensive line he is going to play against, it is going to be interesting to continue to watch him. I have been pleased. He has been a load. There were a few times last year where he was late but I don't see much of that. 

Q: Are you concerned about the fight during practice?A: Half the time I don't even see it. I am looking the other way or I am looking at something else. I don't know who has done something to who. I don't care for it but as long as it doesn't go any further. There is always the follow-up with the back and forth but it was a little warm today so they decided to spend some time verbalizing.

Q: Is Deon Grant going to play Monday?A: We will see. I think he will play some but not a whole lot.

Q: Has the team signed Jimmy Kennedy?A: I don't see anything come across my desk that says he signed.

Q: How do you feel about the returners?A: They are working hard and I know there are some more people in here that can run. That is a huge objective for Monday night.

Q: Is that a big difference for rookies trying to make the team?A: It always is. It is really for whomever can go take the job.

Q: Out of the four special teams, is there one that you feel good with?A: Last year we were fourth in the league in kick-off coverage so that's not as much a concern as punting the ball where I want it to be punted and getting some kind of return game going.

Q: Did Osi's surgery go well?A: Have you ever heard of one that didn't? I saw him and he is in good spirits. The doctor said it went well and he said he was able to do some debridement. He thinks it's going to be some improvement. 

Q: is he here?A: He is here. That afternoon, he was out.

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