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Coach Coughlin Transcript


Q:If the blocked punt would have happened with more time could you have advanced it?

A: It was under two and that's why the rule was like it was.

Q: Did you sign anybody?

A: Brian Williams, as I understand.

Q:Is there more?

A: It could be, wait until I get inside.

Q:What stuck out about Brian?

A: He is a veteran who knows how to play. He has been a good physical blitzer and we are in need of someone who can learn quick and go from there. 

Q:What did you think about Devin Thomas in the return game on Monday night?

A: I liked it. I liked what I saw. He had fire in his eyes and explosion out of there. He was physical with it because of the long one obviously but when I look at something with our team and see 46 yards a return, I say, 'Are you sure you are talking about our team?' That is a good thing.

Q:Why did he get a shot here?

A: He has been back there before. He had a really great special teams game and then for one reason or another, being nicked, we haven't had him back there but I liked what I saw.

Q: When a guy excels on special teams like that, does  it sometimes translate into more time at his position?

A: It could work that way. Most of the time, if you are not a starter then you have special plays for the guy.

Q: What did you think about Michael Clayton?

A: Did you see the kickoff coverage when the off returner came up and he just decked him and then the block on the long return and he just splattered him. If the young players could watch how that guy goes about his business, he is very intense and serious. Kind of fun to watch someone play like that because he really plays hard.   

Q:With the injuries, will we see the three safety look?

A: I don't know. That wouldn't be the first thing on my mind. There was a specific reason for that but right now that would be to fortify what we had and re-establish what we are from the various assignment positions with our nickel team and those types of things. Everyone would have a dual role.

Q: Where was Manningham today?

A: He had a personal problem. An issue came up and he had to attend to it.

Q: Do guys like Clayton and Thomas, who are getting another shot, have a little more hunger?

A: It is true. You have a guy who knows he is fighting for his job and smart enough to go out. He has had a taste of it before. You don't want to be in a one-on-one situation with that guy because you know he is going to play and play hard. He is trying to secure a job.  

Q: Is that what you saw last year too?

A: When Thomas came available, we knew he was a special teamer so that took care of that. Then we worked Clayton out because we were in need of a receiver and then the special teams part of it took over. He even recommended to me that he be considered for all special teams.

Q: How is Beatty?

A: He has a migraine.

Q: What about Koets?

A: He had his knee scoped.

Q: Was there a setback?

A: No, but he wasn't making a lot of progress so the doctor wanted to go ahead and look at it. See what he could see and help him. I think Adam really believes that this is going to help and he feels a lot better about making progress.

Q: What about Barden?

A:  He has been running quite a bit.

Q: Sage is still dealing with the strep throat?

A: He is but I think he is feeling a little better about where he is. The doctor just ran some tests so hopefully he can get this behind him.

Q: Does he have a back problem, too?

A: Yes, his back was bothering him, too.

Q:Did you like what you saw out of Carr?

A: Yes. He did a good job. Since he has been here, I thought he has been much more authoritative since his first time around. I think he is in the same boat as Clayton, a veteran player who senses that these jobs are very serious.

Q: How do you feel about the reception Matt Dodge got?

A: I would imagine a 63-yarder that pinned them to the goal would help. First of all he has to prove it and I understand that, but it would be good to think that a guy playing in that uniform at home would be well received by these fans.

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