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Coach Coughlin updates injury status' Friday


Q: Did anything happen to Justin Tuck?

A:  No, he was just sore. Q: Do you expect this to be an issue on Sunday?

A: No, I don't think so.Q: Is it discouraging to not have everyone practicing?

A: No, I mean that is what you want but we had good work out of everybody else.Q: How did Ballard end the week?

A: He seemed to have ended on an up note. He moved well today so I am very optimistic about that, too.Q: How was Corey Webster?

A: He was fine today.Q: Did the team have good energy this week?

A: Oh yeah, there is a very real sense about where we are and the consequences if you don't do well, play well and win.Q: Do you think the defense has turned the corner the last two weeks?

A: Let's hope so. We have played well, done well and have gotten to the quarterback a number of times. We did a good job against the run and guys have some confidence. They seem to be playing well together.Q: What has been the difference with the run defense?

A: I think it is a combination. We are playing better run defense and it is a focus, it is something that is a high priority against the teams that we are playing. We scheme a little bit to get it done and we also have risen up and done a good job one-on-one. I think if you have seen both games, you will see little things and details that have made a difference like Kiwanuka's penetration last week. I think we have improved and hopefully that is going to continue as well.Q: What do you say to David Baas, who is playing in his first playoff game?

A: They all listen to the same message so I would think it applies to anybody who is in that situation.Q: Do you pay attention to the Boston College connections here and in Atlanta?

A: I am very much aware of it and I am very proud and happy with the time that I spent at Boston College but this is a whole different situation here.Q: How much information have the older players passed down about the playoffs to the younger ones?

A: When it is appropriate and there is a connection or an analogy or something that they can reflect on and refer to and I think they very much think about a couple years ago. They are more than willing to share it with the other guys.

Q: Matt Ryan and his mobility…

A: He's a very good quarterback. From the first moment he was in this league he performed well and played well. They've done a lot with their run game, but they've also done an awful lot with their pass game and he's had the ability to perform under pressure and do well. He does have some mobility, yeah. We're aware of that as well.

Q: Do you notice an extra edge from the guys who've missed the playoffs the last two years? I would think some of these guys are itchy.

A: I don't know if that would be the term that I would use or if they're itchy, but they're very, very happy to be in the playoffs and they're anxious to play and perform and they understand what the single elimination tournament is all about.

Q: Do you think any team you coach would automatically be compared to '07 or do you think this one is being compared because of how this season has gone?

A: I think every team is a different team. I think that comparisons deal with the circumstances on how you got there and what took place during the course of the season. I'm hoping that the fire and the momentum and the confidence and the way in which we played can be reflective of how it was in '07. For example, I'd like to not turn it over at all. That would be a great thing. There are comparisons, but this a different team and there's a lot of different people involved. But those that were with us then, they're very much anxious to have the type of playoff that it was be repeated.

Q: Why did you practice outside today?

A: It's good to be outside. We like to get outside and it was a beautiful day. So we chose to be out here. This is close to what it's going to be game day (weather wise) so that's why we wanted to be here.

Q: It seems like it's going to be good weather now.

A: It does, but we just felt it lined up very closely with Sunday at one.

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