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Coach Coughlin Wednesday Mini Camp Q/A


Q:  When Jake came here yesterday, did he know that he had been claimed.A:  Yes.

Q:  When did you find out?A:  When we were on the practice field.

Q:  Was that discouraging?A:  'Discouraged' is a minor description; very disappointing.  I'm not going to have a lot to say about that one - just the fact that we are disappointed; very disappointed.

Q:  Why not just keep him on the 90-man roster?A:  Don't ask me those questions.  I don't have the answers for you there.  We are all disappointed, that's all.

Q:  Did you feel that he could make an impact in 2013 – that he could come back and play at a certain level?A:  I certainly thought so, for sure.  So did everybody.  The whole building felt that way.  Everyone did.  It is obvious that it was a calculated risk and it didn't work.

Q:  Were you surprised at who took him?  They seem to have a lot of tight ends.A:  I don't have any comment on that one.  It's the nature of the business.

Q:  Osi Umenyiora didn't practice yesterday?A:  He was a little sore so we held him.

Q:  Sore?A:  He was sore so we held him.  He had practiced in all of the OTA's since he had been back.  He has gone every day.

Q:  Corey Webster – hamstring?A:  Webster has been the same way since we got here – the hamstring.  Now you are getting close to camp, you certainly don't want to have any setbacks now.

Q:  One other question about Ballard.  In his case because he was hurt, do you think there is a such a thing as professional courtesy – when the Patriots knew probably what you were trying to do or is it just fair business?A:  I don't think there is any question about that part of it.  Whatever the options are based on what the rules are, based on the procedural circumstance, all is fair. 

Q:  Were you happy with practice yesterday?  Was it crisp?A:  It was pretty sharp.  It was pretty sharp.

Q:  (RUEBEN RANDLE?) had a smooth day yesterday, he looked pretty comfortable.  Is he coming along in that department as far as being comfortable?A:  He is.  There are a lot of guys that are coming along fast; improving and looking better.  And certainly he had a good day yesterday.

Q:  Prince Amukamara?A:  Prince is making progress, yeah.  He is.  They are letting him do up to a point and he is out there competing.  It is a whole different year for him, really.  Since he has had that experience and a lot of that is behind him.  He is doing a good job.  Hopefully he is going to continue.

Q:  One of the things some guys said about him was developing an edge, being more aggressive.  Is that the kind of things that he needs to do?A:  That will happen.  If he gets himself in position where he is comfortable and knows what he is doing, we have seen that other aspect – the physical part of the play.  You saw it, too.  As a collegiate player, that is what he was.  He was a physical player – he was a corner. 

Q:  If Rueben Randle can show you the security on punt return, would you be inclined to use him rather than Domenik Hixon?A:  No, we would like to have a committee of guys.  And those people that you see out there – Randle has caught the ball well; not always in the best body position as you saw a couple of times yesterday – but from a hand standpoint adjusting to the ball, he has done real well with that.  So it is a matter of having three, four or five guys that can do it.  And that would allow us to not have just one individual back there.  Be able to use Domenik in those situations, and others as well – JJ, trying to get JJ going in that regard.  He can help us.  Victor can help us back there.  He can certainly handle the ball back there as well.  So we have four or five guys.  We want to keep working those guys.

Q: How about Jayron Hosley?A: He is back there.  I haven't seen enough of him to make a real good comment about him.  But certainly he is back there and he has caught the ball.

Q:  Janzen Jackson has been playing a lot of corner.  Is that where you project him to be?A:  Both.  We expect him to learn and know both, depending on the numbers.  We have kind of shuffled the numbers that way because of the corner situation in terms of who is practicing and who isn't. 

Q:  How is Tyler Sash's hamstring?A:  He is progressing.  He doesn't feel like he can fire it right now.  And that is why he is not practicing.  But it is something that I think he will be ready for camp.

Q:  Others have talked about Randle being NFL ready as far as a receiver. The numbers, especially here, say it is very difficult for a rookie to come in as a receiver and put up any kind of numbers.  Why is it so difficult?A:  Well, I don't know that it is anything other than who it is and exactly what circumstance he finds himself in.  Randle has demonstrated, not only does he have a pretty good understanding of what we are trying to do, but he has put himself in position where he has made plays.  So just keep getting better.  Give us more options; that is what we want.

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