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Q: What do you see from the Giants defensive line?
A: A bunch of guys that are active and play hard. They put pressure on the quarterback.Q: What about Jason Pierre-Paul?
A: I think he is definitely a guy that you have to worry about. He is a tremendous athlete and does a great job of creating pressure with his different rushes. He is playing physical. I didn't get a chance to see him play last year but he sure looks like he has developed into a very good football player in his second year.Q: What challenge does Osi present if he plays?
A: It adds another guy that is an outstanding pass rusher that is a good football player. Not only will it give them another guy, it adds one to their rotation and keeps them fresh. It certainly makes them a scary group, but of course, that's what they have been for years now. It is going to be a tough day as far as trying to block those guys.Q: What is the biggest difference you have seen from Eli Manning?
A: I think we all experienced that the first couple games without an offseason and really not knowing what your opponents are going to do always makes it more difficult. He has been a very good quarterback in this league for a number of years. I heard a lot of talk about him not having a good year last year but I didn't get a chance to look at the Giants much last year. What I have seen from them this year is a very good quarterback who runs the huddle and the line of scrimmage very well. He knows what he is looking at and he will make you pay. They do a nice thing with their offense and he obviously played very well last week.   Q: What do you see from the Giants secondary?
A: I know they have had some injuries there and they have had to work some guys in different spots which is always tough especially late in training camp and early in the season. They seem to have settled in and I think if they keep making some plays like they did against the Eagles last week, which is a very good offensive team, that will give you confidence. I think that they certainly settled in well against St. Louis and made some plays there as well after playing against Washington. They have improved each week and that is what you want to see out of your group, so they are playing good football. They have some talented players, that's for sure.Q: Did you think Larry Fitzgerald would stay in Arizona?
A: Until you get a deal done, I think there is always a level of anxiety but I always felt good about Larry and his commitment to our team and organization. We had many conversations over the last year or two about that and the direction of our team and what we are trying to get done. I complement Larry on the belief of where we are trying to get to as an organization and as a team and he is a very important part of that. Our owner Michael Bidwell did exactly what he said he would do and he stepped up and obviously it is very calming for me to know that we have Larry for a number of years to come.Q: What is the morale of your team?
A: We had so many new faces on our team from training camp to where we are now, we are still trying to develop as a team. Whenever you lose games, it hurts, especially when you lose them close and on the road when you feel like you had the chance to win. The approach we have taken is why we lost and it has been more about our mistakes than anything else. The attitude has been good and our guys believe that if we played better, and not made those mental mistakes that cost us in situations, we could have a different record right now. We know that there are a number of games left in the season and we know that we have a challenge this week with the Giants. Whenever you play a team like the Giants, that has been so successful, is well coached and well disciplined, and comes from a big market, our guys get up for that. Hopefully we will play well Sunday.   Q: Is there still a big market/small market disparity for you?
A: Until we consistently win, whenever you have a season like we had last year, which was certainly not acceptable, it's tough. I don't feel like we're a small market team. We have good fan support in this area, but we're not New York. There's no market like New York. I think that you just recognize what you're talking about when you're playing a New York team just because of the attention and because of the success, certainly, of the Giants. I think that that's more what I was talking about than anything.

Q: Any thoughts about seeing Antrel Rolle?
A: I'm excited to see Antrel. He's been one of my favorites. I certainly wanted him here and he was instrumental in helping us move our team into a place where we won our division and won some playoff games. You were disappointed in seeing him go. I certainly understand why he did it, but I still have been close to Antrel and am very grateful for what he's given our program. Getting a chance to see him will be good. I hope he doesn't have one of his better games, to be honest with you, but I am going to be excited to see him.

Q: David Baas, the former 49er, said he's excited to play the Cardinals. Has Kevin Kolb said the same thing about the Giants?
A: He hasn't said that. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the way he felt. We've talked a little bit, well more than a little bit. We've talked about the [Giants] because obviously he's faced that team for a number of years. I think Kevin is working really hard on integrating intp our team. I'm sure he would really like to get this game just because of having played against the Giants as an Eagle and I know how that rivalry is, but we haven't really had any discussions about that specifically.

Q: Can Kolb offer much insight into the Giants?
A: He can talk about personnel and maybe match-ups that [the Giants] had talked about. Whenever you play a team two times a year, every year you know when you sit in the meeting room and talk about certain players or certain match-ups or what you liked or didn't like or what worked, those are all things you can take into consideration. I think it's all a part of the evaluation, as well as looking at the tape and studying players and studying schemes. But sure it helps to hear what his thoughts are. Maybe [the Eagles] had some thoughts about game planning for them two times a year. All of that helps and it goes into evaluating the team.

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