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Coach Pete Carroll


Q: Have you used last year's game as a point of reference?

A: We are trying to push that game as far away from us as possible. That was a great game by the Giants and we don't need to spend much time on that one. Hopefully we learned something from it but other than that, I am not spending much time on that film.

Q: How much different are the Seahawks from last season?

A: We are different. A lot of guys have changed and we have a bunch of young guys. We are going to pull out everything we need to pull out to help our guys understand what is going on but we are not spending a bunch of time on that game. 

Q: How is Red Bryant doing this season?

A: Red has been real solid coming back from knee surgery in the offseason. Now that he is getting going, he is going to get better as the season goes on as long as we can keep him injury free. He is a factor for us and we love the way he plays. He is a very big, stout guy that gives you good effort on that tight end side of our defense.


  go down?

A: It broke our hearts. We are so close to those guys. As you can imagine, finding those guys when they are juniors in high school and taking them all the way through their careers, you get connected to those guys. That sent a big shock wave to all the networks of the SC guys involved in ball still. We sent a message out to him letting him know we still love him and that he will be back. You hate to see your guys get hurt.

Q: How did he recover when he was with you?

A: Beautifully. He is a tremendous worker. He was diligent about the rehab and never let it become a factor. He went through the normal cycle of it and was ahead of schedule the whole time because of the way he applied himself. I am sure he will do the same now.

Q: Are you surprised by the struggles of Mark Sanchez?

A: I don't see it the same way, that he has struggled. I say they have played some teams that have made hard nights for him. The other night was a ridiculously challenging defense that they went up against. I thought he was battling like crazy and I know he wants to be cleaner in the numbers and they start to add up a bit but just like he has in the past, he will bounce back and be the guy everybody is counting on. He will work with his team very well. 

Q: Have you seen progress from him?

A: Oh yes, of course. It is most visible in his first season when he went through about two or three lives of living that thing out. They did a great job of helping him and staying with him and their coaching staff was totally behind him and that is so important when things are tough. I think they have been very consistent and that is only going to help Mark become consistent and hang in there and fight his way through it and going the way they want it to.

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