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Coach Tom Coughlin - 10/19


Q: How much can you expect from Chris Canty knowing that he's had so much time off? * A: He's in outstanding shape, condition wise. He hasn't been hit, obviously, but we'll come up with the right formula.Q: What are your thoughts on London Fletcher? *

A: He's a tackling machine. I think he had 20 tackles against us last year in one game. He's smart. He defends the pass as well as the run. He's an exceptional tackler, obviously a great leader. He lines his people up and gets them organized, a very, very good player. Q: Will Canty be activated?

A: We'll see. Q: Against this quarterback, where does discipline rank on the necessities for your team?

A: Way, way up there. You've got to be in the right position. First of all, you've got to recognize and then you've got to maintain your gap integrity because if you fall prey or victim to thinking there's a better way or an easier way, he'll see it and then bring the ball outside on you. You can talk about the option all you want, but the 76-yard run was just pulling the ball down on a pass. Q: How has it been to have Hakeem Nicks out there for three straight days of practice?

A: He's fought through everything. Everyday he comes back out and he tells me he feels good about it and so he gets probably half the reps. So he's excited and anxious and hopefully it will be consistent; physically, there will be no setbacks. Q: Does the success you had against Cam Newton give you a little bit more of a comfort level going into this game?

A: Well, there's something to start with. When you start talking about it, the players can relate to it. You have different individuals, different talent, different ways in which they operate, different body styles… That kind of thing, so you have a lot of things that you have to take into consideration. Q: Will Diehl stay in that jumbo package?

A: He may, we'll see. Q: Is the byproduct of the knee that Nicks' foot is healthier?

A: I've been asked that. I would suppose that would make sense, but I do know that his issues are two-fold, they're not just one. Q: How different does the Redskins defense look without Orakpo?

A: They play hard and they come and that's what is very, very impressive about the way they play on defense. They lost a couple of key, key players, but they just keep going and they play hard. They've given up some numbers, but when you watch them play and you saw, for example, the end of the Minnesota game when they had to finish that game off, they were flying around. Q: What's the message this week about a Redskins team that beat you twice but you're coming off such a big win?

A: That's the message right there. We've been down this road before. We're talking about a very professional level of a preparation of understanding that this is a divisional game. We're 0-2 in the division. If our expectations are to get anything done, we need to get going in the division. It's a conference game; it's a divisional game. It's a big game because it's in the division and we haven't played very well against the Redskins last year, quite frankly. Q: How much has the play of Antrel Rolle carried over to the rest of the defensive backs and is he now playing at the level that you thought of when you brought him in?

A: He loves to play, he loves to compete, he practices literally all the time. He's gregarious. He shares that enthusiasm for the game, the love of the game. So it's an infectious nature, no question. Everybody was so happy to see him play as well as he did and make the spectacular interception and convert it and I know that excited our defensive team, our entire sideline, as a matter of fact. So I hope we can continue to do that. Q: Was there any type of setback with Ahmad?

A: No, he worked yesterday. He was a little sore today. We're trying to get him to a point, game day, where he's healthy. Q: Is there any long-term concern for Rocky Bernard right now?

A: I don't think so. It's just a continuous process of trying to get healthy again after his issue. Q: In all the football you've seen, is there a reference point of comparison for RG3?

A: Well, I suppose that Michael Vick has accomplished those kinds of things with the run, not with the option, but with the quarterback run. He has certainly done that, but they're unique in how their approach is and how they're using him and he's responded, obviously, very well for a rookie quarterback with the way that they've… They're plus-nine and he's done extremely well. They're averaging almost 30 points a game.


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