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Coach Tom Coughlin - 11/1


Q: Antrel Rolle is back?**
A: Yes.

Q: All cleared?
A: Cleared.

Q: In a situation like that, do they say that he had a concussion and he's cleared?
A: I don't know. I think when you leave the game under that circumstance, you must pass the protocol.

Q: But he's fine?
A: We'll see tomorrow. He worked well today and he seemed to feel real good.

Q: Kenny Phillips also?
A: He practiced today.

Q: He's on schedule?
A: I hope so. He was limited today.

Q: Bradshaw?
A: He did a few things, limited.

Q: After the Cowboys game, you said the pass defense was kind of loose. When you guys look back at it, what did you see as contributing to that?
A: Well, we gave up a lot of yards. We have to do a better job in coverage. We have to contest every ball, challenge it.

Q: Witten had a lot of those catches.
A: Did he? Really? Him again? Can we go forward, please? This way, we're going into this game.Q: Can your experience against Jason Witten help you against a guy like Heath Miller.
A: Absolutely. They're very, very comparable. He lines up as a receiver and does a great job for them.

RE: Rushing Roethlisberger
A: You do feel like you know what you want to do. He does extend the play. As I see it, there haven't been as many this year. He definitely has that ability. Of course, over the years, he's thrown the ball in all kinds of positions with all kinds of people draped all over him. He's still done very well.

RE: Difference in Steelers passing game in new offensive system
A: I think the ball comes out quicker.

Q: Is the loss of Chase (Blackburn) less severe this week, because they use so many three wide receiver sets, or is it still a big concern?
A: Well, it's going to be a concern, always. In terms of the energy with which he gets people lined up and plays the game. Hopefully, that'll be picked up by the guys that are in there. Any time you take a player of that caliber out… It's happened here in the past. The next guy comes along and plays very well. So, that's what we expect.

Q: This next guy is a guy that you guys have been very high on for a while, right?
A: Mark (Herzlich) has done a good job.

Q: You guys look at him as a starter in waiting?
A: I hope so. That's what these young guys aspire to be. You see no reason why he couldn't be.

Q: For the first time in a while, the kickoff return game didn't look as explosive. Was he (David Wilson) tiptoeing?
A: No, not really. There are different degrees of burst, in terms of trying to set things up. Some things happened in front of him that he may not have anticipated, or we may not have anticipated. I think that's what took away from it. He still ran it up in there.

RE: Steelers pass defense
A: Of course they get a lot of pressure up front, their corners do an outstanding job of challenging and getting up in your face.

Q: It's pretty aggressive play from the secondary.
A: Very aggressive.

Q: Is there any special responsibility that the team feels this week, after the storm and everybody here digging out?
A: Well, I think there's no question about that. We haven't talked much about that. There will be a time and place for talking about that. I think the devastation is part of our world. Our players have gone through a little bit. I don't know the extent of the damage of their homes, but I know the majority of them have been without power. That's just a small sample of what's going on in this part of the world and the reason people will have smiles on their faces for a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

Q: Any special accommodations that you've had to make to players, because of the lack of…
A: We adjusted the schedule. We fixed the schedule. This is our first day of absolute, normal in-season schedule.

Q: Have you heard back from the league on the clock operation? Are you still expecting more to come?
A: It would be great if I did.


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