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Coach Tom Coughlin - 11/23

Q:  Is this suddenly a bigger game since Dallas lost?
A:  They're all big games. They're all big games. In the sense of one at a time, all we're looking at is this opponent Sunday night. We're well aware of what happened yesterday; quite frankly, it doesn't make it any easier. Here we go. Take care of your own business, that's what I learned a long, long time ago. Take care of your own business.

Q:  Did you find any general trends when you studied your red zone offense and why it's been struggling?
A:  Not that I'll share with you, but it's obvious, not enough touchdowns; too many field goals and not enough touchdowns.

Q:  Are you optimistic that Kenny Phillips will play Sunday night?
A:  I am, but we'll see. We'll see. I can't tell you; each day we've been a little better and he's done a little better and a little more on the practice field. Hopefully he'll feel like he can make a strong contribution.

Q:  Did Jacquian Williams suffer a setback?
A:  Not really. He was sick today so we didn't push him.

Q:  Do you feel like you're getting a little help on your defense going into this game?
A:  We'll see. Linval (Joseph) was never a question. Kenny was, obviously, he's had his issues, but it was good to see him out here working the entire week. That would be helpful.

Q:  How did Ahmad Bradshaw look today?
A:  Ok.

Q:  You've used the three-safety look pretty effectively in the past, is it something you'd like to implement once again?A:  Well, there's a possibility of that always, but until we know exactly how this is going to come about, you've got to protect yourself. You have to have depth.

Q:  How important is it for the front four to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers?
A:  It's always critical for us. It doesn't matter if it's Rodgers; it's what we've built this defense around. It's very important that we're able to put pressure on any quarterback and be able to cause those things to happen more towards our time, than his.

Q:  Green Bay's offense is very effective in the red zone, is that one of the teams you studied this past week to gain some knowledge for your own team?
A:  Sure. We did, from the standpoint of: not exactly what they were doing, but how they were doing it.

Q:  Before you went away on the bye, you said you would consider personnel/lineup changes, if that's what you needed to do. Is there anything you saw in the lineup that needs to be changed or is more an execution thing?
A:  That's basically what it is, it's the execution.

Q:  No lineup changes?
A:  (shakes head no).



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