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Coach Tom Coughlin - 12/20


Q:  How is Justin Tuck feeling?**
A: I think we'll get him some work tomorrow. He's feeling better every day.

Q:  It sounded like he was going to the doctor yesterday:
A: Doctors are here. He went to the doctor Monday.

Q:  How was practice today?
A: Pretty intense, pretty good.

Q:  Can you tell the mood of the team by how practice goes?
A: I would hope so. I've been fooled a couple times this year, though. We've had pretty good practices and then not played as well as I thought we would. Hopefully we're on schedule to have a good game.

Q:  How are Chris Snee and David Baas?
A: Hopefully they'll work tomorrow.

Q:  Do you fear a lack of depth on the offensive line without Sean Locklear?
A: We have enough to have depth. We have depth. We have (Jim) Cordle, we have (James) Brewer, we have (Selvish) Capers, we have some guys that can fill in there.

Q:  Any update on Ahmad Bradshaw?
A: Well, hopefully we'll see what it's like tomorrow, but if we can get some snaps tomorrow, we'll be able to tell better.

Q:  What have you conveyed to your team that it's going to take to win this game?
A: Take an all out effort. It will take superb execution, better execution than we saw, obviously, last week; a great effort. This team has had eight three-point or less games or fourth quarter games. It seems like every week. I expect it to be the same way. We're trying to lean real hard on our "finish" theme.

Q:  How much has changed since Jim Caldwell took over as the offensive coordinator?
A: He can do some things that he really believes in if they're minimal and if he feels like they have enough practice time.

Q:  Do you look at what he did with the Colts?
A: Maybe.

Q:  Do you ever sit back and think, "It's Week 15, and we still have something to play for," and embrace that?
A: That's how the week started. I walked into the meeting and I said, "We have two games to go. If we win both games, we're in the playoffs." We've been down this road before, backs to the wall; have to play our best, all of the above.

Q:  Is there something you can change in these last few weeks to give your pass rush a better opportunity to get to the quarterback?
A: Well, there are ways. You do have to give something up to get something, but there are ways.

Q:  How did Prince Amukamara look today?
A: Good, pretty good.

Q:  Are you expecting him to go this weekend?
A: I hope so, we'll see.

Q:  If Ray Lewis is active, what does he mean for the Ravens?
A: Well he's obviously been a great player for all these years, and he certainly is the heart and soul and sparkplug of their team. I'm sure that they would love to have him back.


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