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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Did Webster injure his hand?

A: Yeah, finger. He has a finger.

Q: RE: Domenik Hixon

A: He is over at the doctor now.

Q: How was Hixon feeling this morning?

A: Well, I knew he would be sore today. He is sore. He is tight. But hopefully that is all it is.

Q: Did you think at all about the turf on that one, or worry about the turf?

A: Well, listen, you have to go over there and go on it before you can make some judgments about it. We will be better served now because of the shoes that we recommend and so on. I said that he got his foot stuck in there – you can see on tape he is turning a little bit. He does have a little hyperextend kind of a thing. We are aware of it. We are continuing to work with it. We are asking the turf people to take another look at the field and some of the thoughts that we had about shoes and stuff.

Q: Is it just because it is new?

A: Yeah, I think it is pretty much because it's new; just because it is new.

Q: You mentioned the shoes - was Domenik wearing the proper shoes?

A: All of the shoes they had on were all the recommended shoes. Now they do have some individual preference within there. But he was wearing shoes that were recommended.

Q: What have you seen out of Will Beatty so far?

A: I like what I have seen. He has had a good offseason. He is bigger, he is stronger. He is playing both sides. We know that he is extremely athletic. Assignment-wise he has gotten pretty good. I see improvement.
Q:  more on Beatty's progress

A:  Well, he just keeps going.  He has just got to keep getting better.  It is not about unseating or anything like that.  It is the idea of having enough people here – of a high quality so that we can effectively use all of our people, whether it is extra linemen in short yardage and goal line – the little nicks that happen during the course of the year.  So you just need a lot of good quality football players for a 16-game NFL schedule.  So all of these young guys who have had one year of experience - in order for us to get where we want to go, we need them to be the best that they can be.

Q: Andre Browns seems to be doing fine.

A:  He is doing a little better, yeah.

Q: Is he all the way back?

A:  He has been cleared to go.  Now you have to work your way back through something like that.  He has had a couple of times during OTA's that he has had a couple of issues.  But he looked very good today and he has practiced both practices yesterday. 

Q:  He catchs the ball.

A:  Yeah he does.  He does catch the ball well.

Q: Did you project that last year in camp?

A:  He runs with power.

Q: Ahmad Bradshaw?

A: He is sore, yeah.

Q: Hakeem Nicks also?

A: Nicks is sore but going once a day. He will go this afternoon. I doubt Ahmad will go this afternoon unless something happens there.

Q: Is there anything wrong the Danny Ware?
* *A: No.

Q: His reps?

A: He has had plenty of reps, take a look at yesterday. Are you counting them? Count them. There are five of them – four of them, excuse me. He gets lots of work. He catches the ball well, too.

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