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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: What do you expect out of this mini-camp with these young players?

A: Learning. We put a little pressure on them to learn and move forward. To know the way in which we want it done. To get a head start so that when they return back in a couple of weeks they have a little bit of a foundation. To try and figure out what kind of listeners they are. Find a level of fundamentals and find out what we need to work on. Some need conditioning right now, I'll tell you that. It's a starting point, and that's exactly what it is. They may have been drafted, and drafted high, but when they come in here, it's a whole new language and they have to start from scratch.

* Q: Did anyone in particular jump out at you who was really impressive?*

A: Tim Brown did a nice job this morning. I thought a couple of quarterbacks on occasion did. I thought one of the corners made a couple of interceptions, and the punters hit the ball pretty well on occasion with a little bit of inconsistency. Nevertheless, they showed off their powerful legs. There were some good things.

* Q: Did you like the look of your first round pick, Jason Pierre-Paul?*

A: I did, I did. He's hungry to learn. That's the most important part of it all.

* Q: Could you make a remark about what Jeff Feagles has meant to this team?*

A: Jeff Feagles has been a tremendous Giant. He's been a guy I knew I could always count on. He always knew what was to be expected. I'm going to be inside so I'll

be able to make some comments in there, but he has meant a lot to the New York Giants organization and this franchise. He is a tremendous family guy and his wife, Michelle, has just been a wonderful supporter of his. He went 22 years without missing a game, how about that? How about that one?

* Q: Do you think that he might have a little input with the new punters?*

A: We already mentioned it. Already mentioned it. He's available, so if that's the case, we will have him out here.

Q: In day one, there are so many bodies running around, how can you keep track of what you're looking for?

A: You focus on certain groups at each practice. When you get to the team concept, you know where the ball is going so you can focus in that particular area. You are just looking for people to come out and jump out at you without any predetermined thoughts.
Q: What jumped out about Tim Brown?

A: He was quick off the ball and he made some nice catches. He adjusted well and went low and picked the ball out of the air. He was able to maneuver his body past the defenders when he was headed out on a deep route. He knows what he's doing out there and he has some nice speed.
Q: Did you send anybody home already…what about Duke Wright?

A: A couple of kids didn't do well in the practice.
Q: What about Dillard in terms of how he moves around as a linebacker?

A: He moves around well. He's juggling around with making the calls and being aligned properly. He was noticeable.
Q: What about Dodge, what did you think of him and might you try him on kickoffs?

A: Both punters, as I said, had their moments where they drove the ball and had pretty good distance, to be honest with you. I was encouraged by that. He has kicked the ball off, but I think we will take it one step at a time.
Q: Talk about Brandon Crawford, he has an interesting story:

A: He is a terrific kid. I grabbed him last night. He has been in the Marine Corps. He went into the service and then college later on. The fact that he's still participating in football after his military obligation and service. He is an outstanding Marine and I just take my hat off to that kid.
Q: Does he actually have a shot at 33?

A: We'll see. They all have a chance.
Q: Besides the players, this is really the first time you saw Perry Fewell out there. What do you think?

A: He's got energy. He's got enthusiasm. He's a good teacher. No question about where he's coming from. You'll hear more of him.

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