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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: How do you feel after today?

A: You know. I keep talking about how it's the ninth practice and we need to start to show the kind of execution that we should be here in the ninth one. And we did some good things; there were some good things today on both sides. I just think that everybody needs to keep in mind that we're out here, its 60 degrees at 8:30 in the morning and our energy level should be as high as it ever is in a training camp. So I want that enthusiasm, I want them to see the big picture and I want them to zoom in on the fact that these days are flying by and we have to take full advantage of them right now.

* Q: Would you talk a little bit about the defense, obviously that was the focus in the draft and what Antrel Rolle brings to the table?*

A: Well, he's a veteran football player, a smart football player, a very good football player and a guy who solves some of our problems back there so I like Antrel[Rolle]. He's got energy, he brings it, and other players feed off of it. So he's been a real plus and as we go along here and these guys get to work together, we get some of these nicked up people back with more consistency, I expect us to continue to improve there on that side of the ball.

* Q: With the retirement of Antonio [Pierce], does Keith [Bulluck] on the field in the terms of leadership, sort of fill that void?*

A: Well there are a lot of guys that are trying to fill that void but Keith[Bulluck] is certainly one of the people who can. He's a veteran; he's played in this league for a long time, he's a tough guy, he's a no nonsense guy and I like that about him.

* Q: How did [Steve] Smith make out with his MRI?*

A: He's going to see the doctor right now, so I'll know more later on than I know right now.

* Q: Same thing with [Rich] Seubert?*

A: With [Rich]Seubert, the idea is that they're trying to determine how long he has to go without being able to cast up and practice. So I'll know more about that when Dr.Warren sees him.

* Q: Still no surgery with Rich?*

A: No surgery, no. That's the whole point I was trying to tell you about. As long as that thing stays in place, there isn't surgery, but if it moves and rotates, they have to go put a pin in it, and then you're going to lose him for a while. So we want to make sure that doesn't happen, so the healing process has to start and then when we do put him back, we put him in a position where he's not going to suffer a setback and have to do something more.

* Q: When Kenny Phillips comes back on Monday, he comes back full speed?*

A: No we just kind of ease him into it. We'll see, they'll tell me what to do with him and I'm almost sure that he'll come back for one and he'll be limited in that one. I don't know. I'll have to hear what they say.

Q: It seems like it's Ahmad [Bradshaw] and then Brandon [Jacobs], is there anything to that at all?
A: No, they all have special skills, talents and abilities and if we can use them all, we'll get the one player in that one aspect of the game that we want, whether it's there, whether it's in the defensive line, secondary, linebacker, an offensive lineman playing tight end or whatever.
Q: What do you make of Brandon [Jacobs] so far?
A: He looks good to me. Brandon [Jacobs] looks good. He's running well, he goes out there every day and he can work and that's a big plus. He looks fast. He would've scored on the goal line last night if it was just one on one but he got nicked on the side and that kind of let some people get off blocks and keep him out or he would have scored right there.
Q: Is there any reason why Ahmad [Bradshaw] gets the first carry in team drills?
A: No. See you guys are all hung up on that stuff. All I want are healthy bodies and depth. They'll all be utilized and as you know, there are a lot of games to play.
Q: With all the receivers fighting for spots, do you like the competition or with so many young guys do you need to see more competition between them?
A: I'd like to have them all out there. We seem to take turns, who's in and who's out and we would like for the quarterback to work with his main guys consistently and that goes for Kevin Boss, too.
Q: Have you seen a lot of illegal procedures from your offensive line out there? I heard you yell out earlier.
A: Do you know anything about the shotgun, the cadence? If the ball doesn't come up, those guys are on the cadence so if they move on the cadence and the ball doesn't move; you know it's going to get called back but if you look at it we're working. Obviously Adam Koets has had a lot of time here, he's got to come along and for him this is a great opportunity. Shaun [O'Hara] and now Richie [Seubert], those guys are all in that center depth obviously but now [Jim] Cordle and Adam Koets, they've got to pick it up, so that everybody can go forward. The number one thing of course is the center-quarterback exchange under any circumstance, whether it's shotgun or whatever. So we did have a couple false commands, ball not coming up right away and when the ball's not coming up, the linemen are moving.
Q: How's Whimper?
A: He's doing all right. He's just got to be a more consistent player and by that I mean execution, making the blocks in all kinds of situations and we want to count on guys so much but he's got to prove it to us. He can play anywhere, he plays guard and he plays tackle. He does have skill, it's just that we haven't ever gotten the real total package, the whole experience in terms in consistency and no M.A's (missed assignments) and make all the blocks and all of the above.* *

Q: You talked earlier about trying to instill some urgency, to get them to realize camp is going by fast. You can always be better in a coach's mind, but are you a little bit further behind than you'd like at this point?
A: I don't think we're further behind but we're certainly not any further ahead than I would like to be. It's difficult, the challenge being that when you have some of the pieces of the puzzle not out there, then other people have to come along for you to make the kind of progress that you want and when it doesn't happen you're just as frustrated as you are under any circumstances. My point is that this afternoon finishes the first week of practice here, this will be number 10. They've got tomorrow off and then we go on a long hard week and we need to see it next week.
Q: Is putting [Mathias] Kiwanuka in for snaps at linebacker part of Perry Fewell's multiple formations?
A: If you notice, it's another one of those personnel combinations.
Q: What was that situation in drill there, to get the ball back late in the game?
A: You talking about the very first one? The offense was in a rally or no-huddle and the defense started out with a bigger assembly of people up front as if it was a first down run so they wanted to make that substitution on the run just like the offense was subbing on the fly with the no-huddle using all code words and that type of stuff.
Q: How's [Clint] Sintim progressed here in camp?
A: He's making good progress.
Q: What have you seen from Andre Brown?
A: I like what Andre's [Brown] doing. Andre has shown the ability to come back from a very serious injury and stayed out there every day and worked he's worked his tail off. He's another guy who should have gotten in yesterday, he was on track to get in, we missed a block and he got tackled at the half-yard line. But I've certainly been aware of the progress that guy has made.

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