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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Good to have Kenny [Phillips] back there?
A: Yeah and this is the part of it, feed him back in slow, real slow. But we had him out there, which was good and gave him a couple of snaps on each drill, it's good.
Q: How did he look during that?
A: He did OK. He hit the ground once, which was good. We had some guys back, [Travis] Beckum was back, [Jake] Ballard was back, [Shaun] O'Hara was back this morning and we'll see how they all did when we get inside but more people out there. This afternoon we'll have the one-a-day guys back.
Q: So what's the schedule for Kenny [Phillips]?
A: He's off this afternoon.
Q: Tomorrow?
A: He'll go tomorrow, same kind of thing, just ease him back. I didn't want more than about half individual and I didn't want any more than about two plays per period so he probably had twelve plays and the individual.
Q: Do you have anything in mind about how you'll increase that as camp goes on?
A: Just according to what I see and feel. If we can get through a couple of days here, we'll do some more with him.
Q: Did you see any difference in his running or his cutting?
A: No, he's been doing that, you guys have watched him out here, he's been doing well.
Q: You guys seem to be really excited to be getting him back. How important is that?
A: You'd like to have all your players practicing and playing. They're excited about that, everybody wants to be full strength, nobody wants to stand there and look at the sideline and see these guys over there with the trainers, so it's a good sign.
Q: I guess what I mean is that you guys are excited about him and the players are excited about his ability and maybe getting that back, I assume. Do you get that sense?
A: I do, thanks for expressing that for me.
Q: Kevin Boss, is he one-a-day?
A: I don't know if he'll make it this afternoon. Everyone's talked about (the ankle); it's not just the ankle. As he was going through the ankle, he got sore with the hamstring so I think it's more the hamstring now.
Q: What about [Bear] Pascoe?
A: I saw that he was a star in the newspaper yesterday. He did well today; he had a couple of catches and he's a tough kid. You know he keeps coming right back.
Q: What happened to [Will] Beatty?
A: He got poked in the eye. He came right back later on.
Q: What about [Sinorice] Moss?
A: He's struggling. He's sore in the groin area. He needs to get back quick.
Q: Talking to [Madison] Hedgecock, a couple of people talked to him about his year last year and just the shoulder thing. When you look back on that, do you think he just wasn't himself because of the shoulder?
A: I think so, I don't think there's any question that he was playing hurt. He tried and he did everything he could and we had a bunch of guys in that category unfortunately but they hung in there and obviously we weren't as good as we wanted to be but these guys, give them credit for what they did because I see a different Madison Hedgecock out here already.
Q: When we talked about the running game and the problems with the offensive line, what about him? How much did he factor into that?
A: That was a factor, too. Moving people out of the hole, we're still hitting the targets pretty good but we didn't get as many people moved out of the hole as we were accustomed to.
Q: Is there any update on [Rich] Seubert?
A: Nothing more than I told you. It's better than I thought it was going to be because when the swelling and the pain goes down they're going to wrap him up in a big ol' pad and gloved pad and let him go. So he will start practicing when that happens, now whether he can play in games; I don't know.
Q: Coach it's about a week to go before your first pre-season game. Where are you right now as far as this team goes? Do you wish you had more time?
A: You always do. You'll never see anybody in this profession say they've had enough. We're progressing according to our calendar, not everything is pretty and being executed the way you like, but we stay with the way we prepare in terms of what our installation schedule is and we are right on schedule with that so this week will tell a lot.
Q: Is there enough time between now and the start of the season for [Kenny] Phillips to make a move on a starting job?
A: There is plenty of time. Yes. The key is to be ready for that kind of grind or the number of snaps played and so on and so forth. It's been a long time since he's done that so that has to be built up, too.
Q: Was your expectation that 11 months after that surgery, which was obviously very serious, that seeing him back on the field would be realistic at this point?
A: I thought it was only because of the feedback he was giving us starting in March. We still were inclined to wait and see and hopefully it's better and beyond that right now, but we still do have some. Let's make sure he can get through all the hurdles.
Q: Do you think he'll [Kenny Phillips] play on Monday night?
A: No, I wouldn't even… that, I haven't even considered but I would say right now no.
Q: What's [Kenny] Phillips' biggest hurdle at this point?
A: Being out here, being able to do it every day, being able to physically come back from the hard practices, getting a number of snaps under his belt. That type of thing.
Q: Some of it's mental, too, right?
A: I don't think. With this guy, I don't know a lot about that being an issue. Obviously you have to test it, but beyond that he's very confident.

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