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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: So what's tonight's activity?

A: Don't ask. We're going to rush upstairs and have a meeting for an hour and then we're going to take the players to dinner. Don't show up in the same restaurant.

Q: Where are you going?

A: I'm not answering because I don't know the name of the place. I'm only going with the group that I'm going with.

Q: Is Terrell Thomas ok?

A: Yes. He's fighting his way through some leg stuff, just like a lot of them.

Q: What about [Derrick] Hagan, looked like a headache maybe?

A: I hope not, he seemed to be fine once he got walking. It was his head.

Q: What about Tim Brown?

A: Hamstring/Groin combination.

Q: Any idea how bad it is?

A: Bad enough, he's missed two days.

Q: What's the status on [Chris] Snee?

A: He's got a swollen knee and he's fighting his way back.

Q: Zach [DeOssie] get hurt there?

A: He got stepped on.

Q: It's funny?

A: The language he used, he didn't pick it up in English class.

Q: Hard knocks maybe?

A: I don't know that show.

Q: How was [Matt] Dodge today?

A: I told you, 65, and then today was a lot of 35s and had about a 1.1 hang time. Consistency with a young guy will be the issue.

Q: Is it time to get some new tight ends in here?

A: Do you know where we can find them? You know how many teams in the league are looking for tight ends? Seriously, you saw when Dallas [Cowboys] got just about wiped out the other night. It's a nice idea but it's not novel, that idea has been used way earlier, but the search goes on and to be honest with you, it's not a real fertile position when trying to find players that are out there. You're always thinking 'How long is the guy going to be out?' and when you do get him back, 'is he better than what you're bringing in here?' That has to be said, too.

Q: Are you going to pretty much plan to just have one tight end for the Jets game?

A: That's pretty much what it will be.

Q: So he'll have to work extra hard?

A: He'll have to.

Q: Looked like Clint Sintim had some nice hands there early on, how's he coming along?

A: Good, he had a nice play tonight. Michael Boley made a real nice play. Jonathon Goff intercepted that ball off the tip by Boley. Couple nice plays.

Q: Is the pass game really suffering with four tight ends missing, two wide receivers, maybe two more tonight, definitely one more and maybe another?

A: All we can do is keep going. It's not as smooth as it could be, for sure, but with [Steve] Smith out, and really the guys who were slated to be the receiving tight ends are both watching practice, Chandler included, being the third.

Q: You said the other day, that it's on your mind all the time, these injuries, when you get that morning report do you ever kind of like brace yourself every morning when it comes?

A: Usually it comes the night before, so I don't get to sleep.

Q: Have you ever been through anything like this?

A: Yes. Take a look around the league, it happens.

Q: Sometimes he's the forgotten guy at defensive end, what kind of camp is [Dave] Tollefson having?

A: Very good. Very good, very physical. Been able to maintain his weight, worked hard in the off-season; got bigger and got stronger. He's been able to stay right there, he plays on special teams. He and [Will] Beatty had quite a goal line last night.

Q: Looks like he [Dave Tollefson] is doing a lot of different things, too?

A: Oh yeah. Dropping off, he's coming, rushing.

Q: Is [Chris] Canty a different personality now than he was a year ago?

A: When you're practicing and playing, you're normally who you are. Particularly in a new environment and new setting, not being able to practice and just standing there is extremely frustrating.

Q: What have you seen out of him?

A: He's been a force. He's shown good quickness, he's shown the ability to stay out there. Long way to go, but I certainly like what I see.

Q: Just to get back to Dave [Tollefson], he's been here for a while; does he still surprise you with what he can do every now and then?

A: I wouldn't say surprise is the word. The consistency with which he's worked this camp has been better than other camps. That's what has to happen on into the season.

Q: What was Michael Johnson's problem?

A: You know what, it was his back, and they said it was some back spasms I guess. I was surprised, to be honest with you, that he didn't practice, because in the meetings this morning he acted pretty good but evidently he tightened up again.

Q: What do you focus on to build the team culture?

A: That's all we talk about is team. No individuals, team above self. We're having dinner tonight with the players; we're going out to various spots in town. We normally have some kind of team building, this year has been more of a conscious effort to take all the frustration of last year and put it into one statement and try to do it better than we've ever done it before and try to get everybody on the same page, which we normally do. That's a theme that we've always tried to drive home and the guys have been pretty good about it here.

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