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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Have you decided on your personnel yet?

A: Well basically, but you know, of course the ones, the players that will play a quarter or so, and then we'll adjust accordingly.

Q: Who are your returners going to be?
A: You see it. We want to take a look at Danny [Ware], Andre [Brown], and I want to take a look at, if [Victor] Cruz is ready to go, we'd like to take a look at him. We just have a couple of nicks that cause us not to be able to do it the way we want to. Punt return, I'd like to see Aaron [Ross] back there, [Victor] Cruz can do that, too, I really don't know who the third will be right now, let's see who's healthy enough to be back there but we've rotated a bunch of guys in there.

Q: You don't think with Aaron [Ross] doing it, it wouldn't worry you that he had a double role?
A: Not really, depending on how the quarter goes or whatever, I would expect that he would be able to handle that. It's been done, everybody in the league has utilized two or three guys back there and I'm sure we'll be doing the same thing. We're in the process of being in transition in a lot of spots, you could take each one of those spots in the special teams operation and they're all open to evaluation, but if you don't look at them in a game, well that's where the evaluation takes place, you chart everything at practice but you've got to put them in a game.

Q: With a lot of guys unavailable, some of the guys who are lower on the depth chart, do you think they really understand what an opportunity this is to get extra snaps and get a chance to show?
A: I think they do, the guys that are practicing realize what has happened to the depth and the extent to which they'll have opportunities. They're going to have to rise up and understand that this is a real chance for them.

Q: You never got a chance to see Andre Brown on the field last year. Is it good to have him back?
A: Absolutely yes. Very much so, he's had a good camp, he was on the goal line the one time we were live and he did a nice job.

Q: Does he look the same to you as he did as a rookie?
A: Yes, he really does. He doesn't look like there's any real effect in terms of speed; he looks very, very close to normal.

Q: He said he thinks he's even faster.
A: I would expect him to say that.

Q: Any update on [Scott] Chandler and [Jake] Ballard, and their MRI's yesterday?
A: No, they're a little better, they feel better.

Q: [Derek] Hagan was out yesterday?
A: He's OK. He's a tough guy and he usually bounces back. Over the course of a couple of years, he's had some things that might have kept somebody else out but not him.

Q: At guard, Mitch Petrus, what do you see from him?
A: Big strong kid, scrambling because of all that's thrown at him, but hangs in there and doesn't get discouraged, just keeps coming and keeps coming, powerful in-line blocker.

Q: Can you just talk a little bit about Sean Ryan, maybe what it is he's good at as a Wide Receivers coach and why he got the promotion this year?
A: Sean has earned his stripes, he's been here as a quality control coach, he's done a good job with that, we had the opportunity to advance him and we did advance him, he's doing a good job, his presentation this morning with the opponents coverage schemes was well done and well prepared, and he's ready for this job.

Q: Does [Rhett] Bomar have a chance to show you something or is the number two spot really [Jim] Sorgi's?
A: There are three quarterbacks here, they all have chances, no matter how we do it. Whether you go with the second for longer in this game and then turn around and go with the third for longer in the next game, he's going to have a great chance. That's what this is all about, the final evaluation opportunities are right here for Rhett to take advantage of.

Q: Any update on Tim Brown?
A: Same deal, no change from yesterday. He was down in the hospital, too.

Q: How's [Chris] Snee? He's here?
A: Swelling is going down, he's feeling a little better. He's here, though, yes.

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