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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: When's the last time you held a practice with only one quarterback?

A: Never. I don't ever remember that.

Q: How did it feel?

A: Lousy.

Q: Is that going to be the last time you'll ever have to do that?

A: We'll have to wait and see.

Q: Just from a practice standpoint, don't you have to investigate signing another quarterback just to have a body? Or have you considered moving someone over who maybe has had some prior experience?

A: Well, we may have to do that for an emergency but I don't think we want to do that for a number two.

Q: Is there anyone in mind that could be a candidate?

A: Sure there is.

Q: What's the prognosis on Eli Manning's return as well as Jim Sorgi's return?

A: Dr. Warren is here and we're going to hear what he has to say after this. Eli will not play this week but I wouldn't go any further than that. And Jim, we're going to have to wait and see.

Q: Is it his (Jim Sorgi's) shoulder?

A: Shoulder, yeah. Sore shoulder.

Q: Eli (Manning) had his final concussion test this morning, have you heard anything definitive on that?

A: The test is fine as far as I know.

Q: So Eli (Manning) definitely isn't going to practice this week?

A: There is a question about what he can do with a hat on rather than a helmet. I'm not going to rush that and if the doctor says it's okay for him to throw then maybe he'll do some throwing but he's definitely not going to put the helmet on.

Q: Is there a fear that Sorgi's shoulder could be more serious?

A: I don't think so but what do I know. I'm not projecting anything; I'm just waiting to hear what the doctors have to say.

Q: Could we see another quarterback here tomorrow?

A: You could.

Q: In terms of Rhett Bomar, what did you see from him?

A: A full day of practice (laughter). He needed to get all those snaps in and there were some good and some bad but he hung in there alright.

Q: Did you have to get your bodyguards out to protect Bomar?

A: Don't even think about going close to Bomar (laughter). There was some heat in the last period and I was standing back there watching.

Q: Gerris Wilkinson had some snaps with the first team today. Was that earned?

A: Yes, it was earned by the way he played the other night. He had some physical tackles, he did well on special teams, and he did well in the open field tackling a back in the backfield. So you want to be able to encourage the guys that do that.

Q: What about Phillip Dillard in Clint Sintim's place?

A: It's just we're down a linebacker so we're going to have to do this with one less guy now that Chase (Blackburn) is out. So they're going to have to learn everyone's place.

Q: How far is Chris Snee away from returning?

A: He actually feels better today than he has for awhile. We're not going to rush him back but it's good to see him with a smile on his face so he's on his way.

Q: Is Shaun O'Hara okay?

A: He's got the ankle that he's had earlier in camp but he can fight through it in a game and practice. It has to be monitored though.

Q: Rhett Bomar is a young guy but do you have to worry about him throwing too much?

A: Well that's a concern. It's a very short week, we've got two days of work and we're in that dilemma because I have been cutting down snaps which I think that if you really looked hard you could see that it shows up on the offensive side of the ball. I don't want to cut too much out yet I want to make sure there's enough left for Rhett. So I think this was a good day for him, I don't think it was too much and he'll have to do the same tomorrow I'm sure.

Q: So you don't think Sorgi will practice tomorrow?

A: I don't know. I really don't know. The doctors are going to have to come and tell us what that status is. He's sore and he could not practice today.

Q: Gerris Wilkinson is getting more snaps in Michael Boley's spot, is that anything about Boley?

A: No, it's just you have to be able to take the guys that play well and give them a reason to continue to play well.

Q: How did Michael Boley do and how did he look?

A: He did alright, he did okay.

Q: What about Guy Whimper?

A: He had some decent plays. He had a nice block on a touchdown.

Q: Overall?

A: Overall he did okay.

Q: You seemed to be watching Matt Dodge pretty closely today?

A: I was. I was the only one standing there with the ball so I got that five minutes set aside to watch them.

Q: Have you noticed anything specific about Matt Dodge?

A: He hit about two great ones. I try to tell him that it's going to have to be ten for ten, not two for five so he knows.

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