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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  Did Michael Johnson and Chris Snee work?

A:  Yeah, they worked.  They got some limited stuff done.

Q:  How about Ahmad Bradshaw?

A:  Today?  No, he was trying to get two days in so he needs that in between day.

Re: explosiveness of Philadelphia's offense

A:  They are the kind of team, you look at them – they are averaging what, 27 points a game.  But the thing I think that has really been the difference is that they are 12 this year.  They have 20 interceptions as a team.  So their offensive team is constantly being given extra drives, if you will.  And I think that makes a big difference.

Q:  Do you feel like you have to match that explosiveness on offense with them?

A:  We have to try to keep them from making the big plays.  It starts with us stopping the run.  They ran the ball on us over there.  They have made big plays.  So we have to stop the run and try to prevent the big plays.

Re: LeSean McCoy

A:  Well he has certainly benefitted from the opportunity to play.  And he is a very explosive young back.

Q:  Tackling against Dallas was very good.   The first game against Philly was not.  What is the big difference?

A:  Being in the right position.  Being out of position, not moving your feet, not having helped organize where bodies are where the runner doesn't have all kinds of options of where to go.  We have worked on it.  Of course we have worked on it in training camp, too. But we have made it a special interest thing.  And twice a week our fundamentals defense will hear about tackling.  So there has been a lot of emphasis.

Q: Was anything learned from the Dallas game that will help you prepare better for Philadelphia?

A:  Always.  From their game with Philly - always.

Q:  Would you talk a little bit about what Nicks has brought to you guys this year – the rookie receivers?

A:  He just continues to improve and to feel better about the things that he is doing.  He was very good on the sideline the other day expressing the fact that – encouraging others, feeling like it was a game that we could win – that type of thing.

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