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Coach Tom Coughlin

Congratulations to the Yankees. What can I do for you?

Q:  Chris Canty and Michael Boley – no setbacks at all?

A:  No, not at this point.  They did well.

Q:  Did they do even more?

A:  They probably did a little bit – maybe a little more.  They are basically 50 percent, but they are getting their reps and they are running.

Q:  Those are two guys that didn't practice a lot even before their injuries.  Is the Medical Department electing to keep them out this weekend?

A:  They didn't practice a lot before their injuries? 

Q:  Boley and Canty

A:  Before their injuries?  Boley was on the field for about what three weeks a couple of weeks ago.

Q:  Canty anyway.

A:  Yeah.  If they keep going, we will see how it is.

Q:  The McCoy touchdown on Sunday where you said it was a gap-sound thing.  It looked like mass confusion up there.

A:  You keep asking me that question. 

Q:  Have you figured out how that happened at all?

A:  Yeah, we didn't cover the gap.  There was some discussion, but we didn't get in the gaps that we were supposed to and then he was clean through the gap.  Once he got through the gap, he should have still been tackled.  We took poor angles.

Q:  I guess what I mean is that you have new parts in the back – in the secondary.  But all of those guys up front have been around.  How could it be confusion if these guys have been around for a while?

A:  They have to get directed; they have to get a call.  They have to get a call to tell them what we are playing up front.  So for whatever reason – but it is no excuse, believe me.  There is no excuse.  There were three guys right there.  Nobody made the play.  Whether they were in the gap, not in the gap, knock the blocker back into the gap – do that.

Q:  Has there been a problem with calls getting in on time or anything like that?

A:  Not at all; not at all.  Occasionally there is a formation which has to be adjusted to.

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