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Coach Tom Coughlin

Beautiful day – no wind, no conditions, no problem.

Q:  Everybody always asks you if you want to practice out in the elements?

A:  The north Atlantic – that is the north Atlantic story.

Q:  You do get that question a lot.  Was that part of your thinking today?

A:  Sure, absolutely.  We needed to be outside.  There are days in which you have to consider the execution of your football and what is more important.  Today, obviously, everything you do is important, but we did need to get outside.  So we got a day outside and the wind is not scheduled to be as bad as it is today and it was yesterday. But you never know.

Q:  What about the cold?  What specifically do you do to prepare for sheer cold?  Do you worry more about fumbling?
* *A:  Well, you have to take care of the ball.  There is no question about that.  But basically you try to be in the elements a little bit and then you talk an awful lot about focus no matter what the conditions are and that kind of thing.  But you have to take care of the football.

Q:  Does it look like you will have everybody healthy and available at least for the game on Sunday?

A:  We'll see.  We'll see.  They did practice today so we'll see.

Q:  Michael Johnson and Chris Snee limited?

A:  Yeah, they are limited.  And I haven't even talked to anybody about what I will list them at.  But you will see it in a couple of minutes.

Q:  Did they do at least a little more than they did yesterday?
* *A:  Oh yeah, they did more.

Q:  Does the weather – does the temperature change game plans at all?
* *A:  Try not to, no.

Q:  You have used Aaron Ross mostly in sub packages as a safety, but if Michael Johnson is limited at all, is Ross able to handle more of a full time role in that position?

A:  Basically we have him in a capacity where he has been with our nickel group.  And we'll just see how that goes.

Q:  Do you think he could handle more?

A:  Maybe if we gave him more, maybe.

Q:  Are you going to give him more?
A:  We'll see. 

Q:  What do you blame the problems containing their running game on last time?

A:  Our gap control wasn't great.  They have run the ball on us a couple of games here.  We just have to do a better job of not only that but tackling – getting more people to the ball.  They have blocked us and we have to do a better job of getting off blocks as well.

Q:  Is there a division that kind of rivals this one for these sort of late season intensity games?  It always seems to come down to these games with these teams.

A: It is part of the part of the excitement of - and no question in the tradition of the NFC East.  I have been in the NFC Central – the Packers and the Bears and those kinds of things.  They are very well thought of as well.  I'm from this part of the country and this is pretty special for me.

Q:  It seems like with the Redskins we could easily look at the record and sort of push them out of the equation.  But what would you warn people in terms of maybe of a spoiler – or what impact they can still have on the division races?

A:  I'm not studying the Redskins but I can tell you that the games that I have had a chance to see because of the common opponent, they are playing good football.

Q:  We have asked you a million times these last few weeks about the running game and getting it going. But when the weather starts to get like this, are you forced to put more of an emphasis on getting the running game going?

A:  We emphasize it all of the time.  There is no more force, no lack of – it is just this time of the year – these conditions – you had better be able to run it.  

Q:  With Webster coming off last week's and it seems like he's going through a tougher stretch than he has been used to for the last couple of years, do you sense that his confidence goes down a notch at all when he is going through something like that?

A:  No, not at all.  You have to have a very short memory to play that spot.

Q:  Back to Aaron Ross - on Sunday he had a couple of plays where he came up and made that tackle on fourth down.  Is that the kind of safety instincts that you are starting to see from him?

A:  He was in a great shape, great position and jumped up to make the tackle before the runner actually got going.  That was a very good sign.

Q:  Do you look at the standings and the tie breakers and all of that stuff yet or is too early?  You don't talk to the team?

A:  No.  Philadelphia Eagles.

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