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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: How did Michael Boley and Chris Canty come though?

A : They had a pretty good day; they had a pretty good day, yeah. We are putting 'questionable' on them, but they did about half and they seemed to come through each day pretty well.

Q: Would they have any limitations on them if they could play on Sunday?

A: We'll see. You would have to see what situations come up and so on and so forth.

Q: Is this kind of an "all hands on deck" week?

A: Well, as I said earlier in the week, it is the game before a bye week so you do have an opportunity there to look at it that way – as a one-game schedule or however you want to do it. That is the way that I kind of said it.

Q: It appears you are making a change at safety?

A: We are going to start Aaron Rouse, yes.

Q: What was the thought on that?

A: There was no thought. CC can play both sides and Michael has played. We have three guys, they all play a lot. The third safety played 26 snaps the other day. So we are just going to try to maneuver around a little bit and defend the deep ball better – that's all.

Q: We have asked you a lot about Brown, but how has Rouse played?

A: He has done okay. He is still trying to fully understand what is expected and what the new language is – the new language of our defense and what his responsibilities are. But I see a tall, fast athlete that can certainly contribute.

Q: What does he do that allows you to defend the deep ball better? Is it the speed?

A: No, I just think that – it is just the ability to play the ball in the air and we'll see. It means that we are going to have to put him in the game to see how that is going to be.

Q: Does the opponent have a role in this?

A: No, -- I'm sure it does on a weekly basis but it is more or less, just again, us trying to improve; trying to get better.

Q: ….since this is a team that does throw the ball downfield on you?

A: Well, they do. And they have big receivers.

Q: If Boley is ready to play Sunday, would he be ready to resume the starting role that he had before he got hurt?

A: We'll see. It wouldn't necessarily have to be that way, but we'll see.

Q: How about Mario Manningham?

A: He seems to be okay. Yeah, he practiced. I think he is on track.

Q: Is there any possibility that you might try some of the cornerbacks at safety if this doesn't work out?

A: I wouldn't answer that one, to be honest with you. That would be something strategy wise. I wouldn't want to advertise what we are doing that way.

Q: A couple of guys were talking about how Bill Sheridan was more hands on this week with his coaching? Did you notice that at all? Was that something you guys talked about?

A: I think he has been pretty much hands on every week. I don't see – we have great confidence in our coaches, position coaches, but in the ultimate, the coordinators are responsible. But I think that, for example, our walk throughs, our jog throughs, those things – there is a lot of teaching that goes on there. And I haven't seen anything that was different from any other week.

Q: Was it a good week of practice overall?

A: I think the energy was good; I think it was good.

Q: Did you do the leadership council meeting this week?

A: I'm about to. If I get out of here, I'll see if I can make it on time so I don't get fined.

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