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Coach Tom Coughlin

It's exciting.  Here we go.  Here we go.  Step lively.  That was the message.  We're not talking about preseason.  Obviously we are talking about the Washington Redskins in the division.  It doesn't get any more exciting than this.  The players are excited.  The players are looking forward to, obviously, the opportunity to play in the first game of the 2009 season.  Lots of things running through our head; lots of things that fall back on the principles in which we believe in.  Of course, obviously, win the physical battle.  The Redskins are an outstanding football team.  They have helped themselves on both sides of the ball.  Their kicking game is very strong.  They are a physical outfit because obviously they are in this division and so all of the teams in this division are.  So we are excited.  We are looking forward to it – opening the season here at home – the last season of the Giants Stadium as we now know it. 

Q:  Chris Canty is not on the injury list…

A:  We are going to build this up as we go and see how he is.  I'll put it on there for you. If it will make you feel better, I'll put him on there.  But we have to watch this. Obviously, anybody that has done as little as he has done in preseason, you have to be very careful with that.

Q: Aaron Ross?

A:  He is not going to practice today.  So it is day by day.  That is the only thing that I can report.

Q: RE:  Kevin Dockery

A:  Dockery – we are just being precautious – we are very cautious with that; precautionary measures.  He is sore and we are just going to make sure it doesn't get to be any more than that.

Q:  He won't practice?

A:  No, he is not going to practice today.

Q:  How much has Albert Haynesworth added to their defense?

A:  Obviously he has added a lot to their defense.  He is a powerful run player, a powerful pass player.  He tries to get a jump on the snap.  He is physical in size, he can run.  We have seen a little bit of him in preseason, not a lot.  But we certainly know of him from his years in the League and the quality player that he is. 

Q: Until your young receivers show something on film, do you expect teams to load up the front and concentrate on stopping Brandon Jacobs?

A:  Well, we would have to expect that to a certain extent, but it probably would be a good thing if they did that. 

Q:  It would be?

A:  It would be.

Q:  A couple of weeks ago you have mentioned that you want the players to stop reading about themselves, reading what's written about them and concentrating on what's important. Do you think that message has gotten through?  Do you think the players have kind of put that aside?

A:  I hope so.  'Talk is cheap, play the game' was the last message I gave them on Monday before we broke.  And obviously our whole team, our objective is to do our talking on the field.  So I'm hoping that is going to carry through.  I certainly know that everyone is aware of it.  I do know that you are going to have to be on guard for it all of the time.  And hopefully they are. 

Q: You said it would be a good thing if they loaded up the box. Does that mean you have confidence in your receivers one on one?

A:  I think we have had some experience down the field this preseason and certainly that would be one thing that you could do to answer that. 

Q:  Will there be any more dimensions to Brandon Jacobs' game this year?

A:  Like what?

Q: Catching passes…

A:  Derrick Ward caught a lot of passes last year from that spot.  So I think the position – if you talk about the position - that might be more appropriate than just one guy.  He certainly can catch the ball and really all of the backs have caught the ball well in preseason. 

Q:  Have you maybe joked or had fun with Shaun O'Hara about the challenges associated with Albert Haynesworth

A:  I think Shaun - and I think all of the players on our team are aware of the quality of player that Haynesworth is.  I'm sure that certainly has gotten all of their attention.

Q:  You held the Redskins to 14 points last year…

A:  Well we have a quality defensive team.  We were able to play the run well and put pressure on the quarterback in a timely fashion.  So that is really nothing of any kind of enlightening statement to be made, but that is exactly what happened.

Q:  RE:  Jason Campbell

A:  I thought he looked improved. I watched him - particularly against a very good New England Patriot team.  I thought he drove the ball in there in the tight spots.  He is playing with more confidence.  He is a young player getting better.

Q:  What has Orakpo done for their team?

A:  Another quality defensive player.  When you look at the additions to a team that was fourth in the League on defense, you have a young player playing the SAM backer and then rushing from the right side in the sub-package.  You have Haynesworth, you have Daniels moving inside.  So, another quality defensive player; a physical guy that can run.

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