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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. It doesn't look like Kevin Dockery is going to go?

A. We will see, we will see.

Q. Are you going to list him as doubtful?

A. No, we are not going to list him as doubtful. We are going to list him as questionable.

Q. He didn't do anything though today?

A. He did some stuff, but not out here.

Q. Did you expect him to be able to do more today?

A. I didn't expect him to work, but I expected to see some progress and I did.

Q. Can you go into the game with just the six defensive backs or would you make a practice squad move?

A. We'll see. All of that stuff is just speculation right now.

Q. How ready is Bruce Johnson for an increased role?

A. He is ready. He has not missed a thing, he has been here every second.

Q. How about the other guys (injury report players)?

A. They will all be listed. I just gave Pat (Hanlon) the list. He will give it to you. There will be some possibilities with (Adam) Koets and probably not, but I have it listed, I can't remember what I said.

Q. (Kevin) Gilbride mentioned the other day that your receivers might rotate quite a bit. I am just wondering how long do you expect it to be before Nicks starts to play a major role?

A. He is playing it right now. He is involved right now in everything that we are doing. We basically have four guys that will do a lot of rotating and a lot of playing.

Q. Do you ever get a feel for your team, like a gut check?

A. Yeah, I think you go from the end of the preseason right into the regular season and you have some comments and some thoughts on where you are on certain phases of it. But I feel good about the group of young men. We need to play just like everybody else needs to play. There have been a lot of guys who have seen limited time, and so on and so forth, and Washington has the same thing. I am sure every team in the league does, so we have to line up and go.

Q. Is (Domenik ) Hixon going to be back there returning punts? I know he is an integral part of the offense; how do you balance that?

A. We'll see. If he goes 90 yards, then he doesn't have to cover the next kick, basically is how it is. (laughs)

Q. How was the energy level?

A. It was good, it was good. They're excited, there's no doubt. They should be.

Q. What was it about (Bruce) Johnson in training camp that put him over the top for you?

A. He was steady, very, very steady. Hung in there, came right back after getting beat, for example. He was ready for the next play. He did a solid job.

Q. He had long odds especially with two guys drafted at that position?

A. Right, he had some decent grades though coming in. We are fortunate that we were able to get him in free agency.

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