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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. Corey Webster?

A. He didn't practice, nope.

Q. Where does he stand?

A. Day-to-day. Maybe something will happen here at Christmas.

Q. A miracle? When he first got hurt you said it was, in comparison to McKenzie, a less serious sprain?

A. It is supposed to be, but it is not improving.

Q. How about Aaron Ross?

A. Same.

Q. Any MRI results?

A. They didn't see any new damage there.

Q. You had Boley projected as out yesterday?

A. He was over there getting tests, making sure there was nothing wrong with the triceps. There wasn't, so he is back full.

Q. Kareem McKenzie?

A. I think he is making a little progress, but I don't know that it's..he didn't work today, let me just put it that way.

Q. Rich Seubert?

A. He didn't, but he is going to gut it. You know he is going to make every effort to.

Q. Do you feel a little snake-bitten with your secondary and the injuries there this season?

A. No. No, I haven't been. I haven't felt snake-bitten, no. It certainly is frustrating not having people playing in their positions.

Q. Terrell Thomas is the one guy who has been in there the whole time. He had a great game Monday night. How have you seen him progress?

A. Absolutely. He did, he sure did. Just exactly as you are describing it. It just goes to show when a young guy has an opportunity, is able to stay on the field, has the God-given talent, has a good attitude about it, he is going to make an impact and he has. You can argue that the other night he should have had two (interceptions). That has been a very solid, solid part, and believe me, this has been since training camp. He and a couple other guys have almost taken all the snaps since training camp, which is a tribute to those guys.

Q. Did Lawrence Tynes kick at all at practice?

A. Yes, he kicked field goals. Normal routine.

Q. How about Hakeem Nicks?

A. He practiced. He was limited but he practiced.

Q. Was he taken out of that game due to the score being a factor?

A. No, no. They just felt like they needed to. He was strained and sore, so they held him.

Q. The first play the other night, the pass to Bear Pascoe, was that scripted or something that Eli saw and threw to him?

A. It was part of the progression. The way it turned out it was really the one that was right on him because the defense was right in his face. It was intended to get Pascoe going. No.

Q. Does Eli see the field so well right now that he can go to a guy like that?

A. No question there, because he was on the move, too.

Q. Jerry Reese told Eli before the season 'we need you to step up and lift these young receivers.' Did you say anything along those lines to him before the year?

A. We have talked about that since after the draft. He knew full well what the objective was. I don't think anybody had to really tell him. He just took it over from the spring; he started with the receivers with the individual stuff, with looking at tape together, talking about coverages, what the expectations are. He has been doing that for quite a while with these guys.

Q. Ten different guys caught a pass the other night. Does that show he is confident in all of those guys?

A. He is confident and like I said, he is seeing the field, he has good protection. If you notice the pump fakes the other night, the protection was outstanding so he had time to go through all of that. The ball being spread around like it was, the balance is a good thing.

Q. He seemed like he is doing less and getting more. Guys have made a lot of plays busting things open. I guess that is part of the comfort level, too?

A. I would think. I thought the other night because of the balance and because of the protection that it was. He has played the game at the quarterback position the way you intend it and draw it up. He went to the right receiver. He went there on time. He utilized all his talent; utilized any number of kinds of throws.

Q. Without throwing the ball downfield?

A. Well he put it downfield some but not what you are talking about. The one to Mario (Manningham) you might have to say was down the field.

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