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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Was it crowded out on the practice field today?

A: It felt pretty good, yeah, to have everybody out there working. That was a good sign. We have enough room on the field to accommodate that, yeah.

Q:  Were you surprised that Bradshaw worked today?

A:  No, I wasn't surprised.  I'm not going to tell you that.  But I know that he was anxious.  And that is probably the only work he will get.  Hopefully he will get a little tomorrow.  But he did some today.  That was good.

Q:      ……get a feel for …….the ups and downs.

A:  No, not really.

Q:  The longer runs that you guys haven't had as much of this year – is it a matter of the downfield blocking or maybe the second-level blocking not being what it should be at times?

A:  We have had some pretty good blocking by the receivers downfield.  I wouldn't know.  That is probably one of the categories.  But we have had – in the first five games we had a ton of big plays.  I think we had 45 big plays in the first five and only 25 in the last four.

Q:  Particularly with the running game, I know Brandon had a bunch of long ones the last couple of years.  He doesn't seem to be getting as much.  A lot of focus has been on him, but there have to be other reasons as well, no?

A: I'm sure there are. There is not as much opportunity. He (hasn't) perhaps had as many clear shots.

Q:  That's what I'm saying – is it a matter of extra blocking?

A: That's what I'm --- I'm trying to give you an answer but I don't have the facts for that. I know on some of the big plays we have had, we have had outstanding blocking out of the receivers.

Q:  Do you have any sense on how much Aaron Ross will be able to play?

A: We are just going to go and watch him practice; let him put a few practices together.

Q:  How much did he do today?

A:  He does probably less than one-half.  But he works good when he is in there.

Q:  That is a position where you can help, right?

A:  He could, yes.

Q:  Terrell Thomas – how do you think he has been playing this year?

A:  I think he has done well.  He has played well.  He has done a nice job at the nickel spot; done a good job.

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