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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  How did Eli come through practice?

* *
A:  He did fine.  Yeah, he did fine.

Q:  How much was he able to do?

A:  He probably did half.

Q:  At what speed does he practice and can you really tell anything about that?

A:  Well, the quarterback position – you have to make all of the exchanges and you have to drop back and you have to release the ball on time.  So he did all of that.

Q:  Did he report any trouble or discomfort to you?

A:  Not that I'm going to mention to you.

Q:  Were you encouraged by what you saw?

A:  Absolute. 

Q:  Are you still thinking of it as a game day decision?

A:  Most likely.

Q:  Are you more optimistic today than you were yesterday?

A:  I have been in the same position all week.

Q:  Is that optimistic?

A:  Yes, hopeful.

Q:  Is the next step that he goes home for the night and you see how it comes out in the morning?

A:  Yeah, he will get some treatment when he goes inside.  He has got his own unit at home that he treats himself with and he will come in in the morning and we'll see how he is.

Q:  Do you plan on having him in the walkthrough tomorrow or does he just take rest and relax the foot?

A:  When he comes in in the morning we will see where he is.  And if he is where I think he will be – made some progress overnight – he will come out and go through the jog through.  I see no reason why he wouldn't do that if he can.

Q:  It is a matter of if he is healthy enough, he will play – there are no thoughts of 'let's hold him out' to protect him down the line?

A:  I'm not going to put any pencil to anything that someone else says.  I've pretty much said exactly what I am going to say about this.  We will evaluate him every day and if he gets to the point where the medical people think he can play and not be subject to injury, then the chances are that he would play.

Q:  Is it all medical people or does he also have a say?

A:  He has a say, certainly.  But he is not going to go against the medical people.  He wants to play in the worst way. 

Q:  So far the medical people have not told you than he can play?

A:  No, they keep saying that they are continuously going to evaluate where he is.

Q:  How about the rest of the guys – Kevin Boss didn't practice today?
* *A:  No, he didn't. 

Q:  What is his status?

A:  He keeps getting a little bit better.

Q:  Is he out for Sunday?

A:  No, he is not out.

Q:  Questionable?

A  I think he is doubtful.

Q:  Clint Sintim and Ahmad Bradshaw, Hixon?

A:  They all practiced today and seemed to do okay.

Q:  How about Bryan Kehl?

A:  He wants to but we'll see.

Q:  Without Kevin (Boss) you will have to rely a little more on Darcy (Johnson)?  How far has he come?

A:  I think he is ready for his role. 

Q:  Did the Minnesota game last year show you anything about Darcy– he seems like he made a couple of nice catches in that game.

A:  He did.  He did make a couple of nice plays.  He made some over the summer.  He made good improvement.

Q:  Have you decided yet whether you are going to bring Rhett Bomar up?

A:  No. 

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