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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Phillips and Dockery practice today?

A: No. Both we are going to hold out for. Hopefully they will make it.

**Q: So you are listing them as ....


A: Questionable.

Q: How about Canty?

A: He is out.

Q: Do you know anything more about the injury now?

A: Calf strain; calf strain.

Q: Did Dockery have a setback because he had been working?

A: He had done a good job for about a day and a half. He got sore. So we are holding out that he will feel better.

Q: What about CC Brown? If he has to step into a starting role, how do you feel about him?

A: Good; very good. He has taken a ton of reps, special teams, defense - prepared himself very well.

Q: You said there were a couple of times in the preseason where there were some mental mistakes. Do you think he has progressed from that point?

A: Yes.

Q: How much has Boley proved to you this week?

A: He has worked, he has practiced, he has worked, and he has been into it. Now he doesn't make any mental errors. The big thing was getting him on the field and working him and he did that. So we will see.

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