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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  What is going on with Kenny Phillips?

A:  There are a lot of circumstances involved here.  And I am not at liberty to say anything at this point.

Q:  Medical circumstances?

A:  Yeah.  Well, all circumstances.  There are other things involved.  There are other circumstances surrounding – not just Kenny – what is going on around – and I am not at liberty to talk about that until those other issues get settled.  That is the best I can do for you today.  I'm not trying to duck your questions.  I'm just telling you that there are other issues.

Q:  Do other issues involve maybe bringing someone else in?

A:  Maybe. 

Q:  Is he out for Sunday?

A:  As I said, that will all be cleared up for you.  It's not going to be my place right now.

Q:  Do you expect that will be by the end of today or more like tomorrow?

A:  We'll see.  We'll see how it goes.

Q:  How all of a sudden did this so bad?
* *A:  Again, I'm not going to be able to say anything just now, guys.

Q:  How much, if any, improvement with Tuck?
* *A:  He is a little bit better each day.  He didn't practice, obviously, but a little bit better. 

Q:  Does he even have a harness?

A:  Does he have one that he is wearing now?

Q:  Yeah.  Has it been fitted for him?

A:  I'm sure.   That is not a - we have other guys in them so.  The ability to do that is not an issue.

Q:  Did Manningham practice?

A:  Yes, he was fine.

Q:   Are Dockery and Ross making any progress?

A:  They look like they are running pretty good back on that field.  But we have been down this road before so until that is cleared and I'm told exactly what, then I'll just maintain the way it is. 

Q:  How much of a strain is it on this defense with you losing so many players?

A:  It would be nice to get some guys back. 

Q:  With Manningham, was it just yesterday keeping him out?
* *A:  He practiced.  He practiced.  He was limited, that was all.  He practiced.

Q:  Anything new on Canty?

A:  No.

Q:  With Tuck you said he came along a little bit.  Were you hoping for more progress?

A:  I'm always hoping; I'm hoping for full speed. 

Q:  But you knew you weren't going to get that today.  You knew you weren't going to get that.

A:  Oh, I did?  I didn't know that.  We'll see.  Each day is a new day.

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