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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:Three guys are out?

A. Yes

Q. Danny Ware?

A. He's practicing and could go.

Q. Probable?

A. Anything, we didn't talk about it.

Q. How about Boss?

A. Yes

Q. When you take a look at Boss what have you seen since he took over as the starting tight end?

A. He's improved. I think when you look at Kevin you see constant improvement. A guy that literally had to learn blocking from the get-go and has done a diligent job at working hard at that part of the assignment. A big receiving tight end, a big target for the quarterback working the middle of the field. A guy that has been very steady in his progress.

Q. The Saints haven't trailed at all. Some of that is due to their offense but a lot of it is due to their defense. How big of a leap have you seen them make?

A. That is the key to advancement. They have had a very good offensive team. Their defensive team now is what? Seventh in the league? It has done a good job. A good job against the run, and a good job consistently. If there is one thing that has really improved and has helped them in their overall balance, it has been that.

Q. How much has the addition of Gregg Williams transformed how they look?

A.  There is a way in which Gregg Williams has always played, it's the way he played when he was in Washington, and I think you see a lot of that.

Q. Boss's relationship with Eli, how would you describe that?

A. It is good, it is very good. They all work very well together. Eli is very much involved in what he sees, what the interpretation of the tight end is, what the interpretation of the quarterback is, making sure they are on the same page.

Q:  You mentioned earlier in the week a couple of times that Domenik Hixon's special teams responsibilities would start coming back.  Is this the week that he gets more into that role?

A:  We'll see; we'll see. 

Q:  Whenever he is in there he is obviously the guy who has succeeded -- especially in the kickoff return role. What is it about him that makes him so good at that job?

A:  He is fast.  He reads the schemes well.  His timing is good. He is courageous; all of the things we are looking for.

Q:  Does it take time for the timing to come back after being out the way he has been?

A:  I would think that with any situation, any position, you have to kind of play yourself back in. 

Q:  How does the running game – the guys you will face from New Orleans – compare to what you have seen this season - best since Dallas, maybe?

A:  It's very good.  You look at 166 (rushing yards) a game.  Three outstanding – sometimes four -- runners; very good fullback; good play at the perimeter with the tight ends and the receivers; big offensive line. In terms of the quality of their runners, it is excellent and there is some change of pace from one back to another, which they have shown the ability to utilize.  They have done a good job in that area. 

Q:  Bradshaw today?

A:  Yes.

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