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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  What is the update on Ahmad Bradshaw?

A:  Bradshaw went and had a second opinion.  Dr. Anderson in Charlotte confirmed that the present plan of attack was the way to go.

Q:  Rest?

A:  Rest and immobilization, treatment, rehab, limited amount of work each week.

Q:  Will this eventually require surgery at the end of the year?

A:  Possible, but hopefully a long way off.

Q:  And as far as rest – more rest?

A:   Just what he is doing; the same order of business that we are following.

Q:  He is still staying with the same practice schedule?

A:    Yes.  Maybe occasionally if he feels better after a game, we might get a little out of him, say, on a Wednesday.

Q:  What sparked that?  Was he feeling any worse?

A:  No, I think it is just a normal procedure at this point in time for something like this. They obviously wanted to have everything recorded so that at the end of the season if there is something that needs to be done.

Q:  He said that one of the players on the fumble went after his ankle?  Did that have anything to do with the fumble?

A: High and tight would have taken care of that.

Q:  Are guys targeting his ankle?

A:  No, no I didn't think that was taking place; I really didn't.

Q:  Chris Canty?

A:  Did some; did some.  He and Michael Boley did the individual part of practice.  And obviously what they want to do is assess where they are the next morning, see if they can do a little bit more, when can they do a little bit more.  It is a good sign.

Q:  You get to this point where you have that game and then the bye.  With those two, you would think, just leave them out of that game so they can get an extra week's rest.  Do you think like that?

A:  Not really.  It depends on what their progress report is and how emphatic the medical people are about their opinion one way or the other.  But we will use good strategy and good common sense. 

Q:  Did Canty do more today than he did yesterday?

A:  Yeah, he did individual.  He did individual today.  And they were going to look at him and see where he is tomorrow.

Q:  Did Pierce practice today?

A:  Yes. 

Q:  We all remember the '07 game with Winston Justice. Tuck said yesterday that he is a different player.  Do you see a difference?

A:  Oh yeah, sure. All young guys go through something like that.  He has grown, he is experienced, and he has played more.  He has got more savvy.  He has studied.  The experience factor alone – you see the growth of the player. 

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