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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  Re:  Mario Manningham

A:  The last play of practice yesterday he went down, hurt his shoulder.  They thought it was better if he just not work today.  So I'm going to list him as questionable, but hopefully he will make it.

Q:  If he doesn't make it would that be a situation where you would expect Hakeem Nicks to step into a much bigger role?

A:  He certainly has a big role, anyway.  But certainly you would expect more.  But let's hold out for the best. 

Q:  No damage or anything? Just banged it a little bit or is there damage to the shoulder?

A: He went down on the shoulder and he is sore. 

Q:  As far as Nick's progress…up to this point he is beginning to show signs of developing into the big play guy that you drafted.  How prepared would he be?

A:  He is prepared.  He has taken all of the snaps.  He is ready to go.

Q:  With Brian Westbrook – I know he is not practicing today but you have to count on possibly seeing him.  What are the differences between the plays that they run with him or McCoy?

A:  They run the same plays.  They do the same things. 

Q:  McCoy does bring more speed to the position, though, wouldn't you think, or no?

A:  I would not say that.  I really wouldn't.  Because I don't care what Westbrook's speed is, he is fast enough for whatever.  McCoy is a young talent; he is a fast guy, though.  You asked me that Tuesday or Wednesday and I said the same thing – somebody did.

Q:  How did Ahmad Bradshaw look today?

A:  He did fine; he did fine.  He did his normal Friday routine. 

Q:  How did Chris Canty and Michael Boley do after yesterday?

A:  They seemed to do okay.  They ran around again today.

Q:  Next week maybe - not his week?

A:  No, not this week.

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