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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Is it just irony that you happened to practice the Wildcat?

A: We've been planning this all spring. It's just (a matter of) when you introduce this because you know you're going to see it this year. We really didn't see it last year. We planned to do this and it just so happens that it was inserted for this morning. We'll continue to do it as we can. As we go along here, we do have reduced practice time once we start playing. But we'll continue to do that to try to make sure that our guys are ready for it when it occurs.

Q: It was just coincidental (and had nothing to do with the signing of Vick)?

A: It was. It really was. These schedules are made well in advance.

Q: Does it make any difference to you that the Eli deal is signed?

A: No, not really. It's been business as usual. Eli's been the same way. We've not noticed any change, any thing different in him. As a matter of fact, we all thought probably a week ago or so that it was pretty much a done deal. We're very glad as an organization that this has been accomplished. But it's business as usual, and Eli's position is 'let's get going, let's get to work again and get our team ready to play.'

Q: Do we make too big a deal out of off-field distractions or is it really disruptive to a team?

A: I think it's too general. You're asking me too general of a question. There are different kinds of distractions and obviously some are more divisive than others, but I think it depends on the situation.

Q: Do you expect to see a lot of Wildcat with Vick signing and you seeing Philly twice?

A: I have no idea what their plans are. We play Philadelphia relatively middle and late, so hopefully we'll have a chance to see what their plan is by then and be prepared for it. But I think it's something that because it was introduced to the league and because so many people got involved in it, we had planned to work against it as best we could in training camp. Even if it's just to show everybody what basically the offense is, what the combinations of plays are.

Q: Sinorice Moss?

A: He got a little hamstring, I guess. I don't know how long. I don't know how serious. I was kind of surprised myself.

Q: What about the American flag you guys just got from Intelligence Specialist 1st Class Michael Leonardo? (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION)

A: It's very meaningful to us. I was in Iraq and just having the opportunity to meet with our courageous young men and women that represent our Armed Forces was a tremendous experience. But our whole thing was to say "thank you." That's what we were doing, and to support our troops and to tell them how grateful as a nation we are and how what they are doing is significant to all of us. They're not forgotten and it's very important to us to let the troops know we understand why they're there. It's not one of those things we don't understand. We get it. I wanted to be sure that they knew that. The guys (other four coaches) who were with me did a tremendous job in conveying their true feelings. General (Raymond) Odierno knew where we stood and how grateful we are to him. So this was very significant to me. We had met this young soldier (Leonardo) a year ago and he had taken a flag with him to Iraq. He had flown the flag and now he brought it over and presented it to the New York Giants. He told me that he wore the Giants hat all over the place over there. It's incredible how very interested and General Odierno had told me that, the [soldiers] are really into the National Football League and our season. When we got over there it was very obvious; people separated themselves according to what team was their team. This was really neat that he wore the Giants hat for a year over there.

Q: Do you guys have a special place for that flag?

A: Absolutely. Maybe right in my office, what do you think?

Q: How have the receivers progressed?

A: They've progressed. They're getting better. They've been a little bit frustrated, if you will, when the guys can't work because you know that it means they fall behind if they're young. Like for example, with Nicks when he wasn't working it was obvious when he first came back that he had missed a couple of days and that he was a little bit behind. So he's trying to catch up. When they're out there working, they're coming. I think the quarterbacks are starting to get to know them a little bit more, but we'll see as we compete.

Q: LB Clint Sintim played with the ones again today?

A: Don't read anything into that. I mean, it's training camp. You'll see different combinations.

Q: The way Andre Brown ran the scout offense and threw the ball, it was picked off, does it give you ideas about your offense?

A: I saw him out here throwing the ball one day, but I'll give you the rest of that. He said "I'm going to throw the ball" and I said, "Yeah, throw it to the guy in the flat." Did you see where he threw it? Downfield and got it picked. Who's he working for? He could be colorblind, I don't know.

Q: Do you think it's a matter of time before the defenses solve the Wildcat and it goes by the wayside?

A: I don't want to say it's anything new. The single wing has been around a long time and the spin with the tailback has been around. It's just revitalizing something that was very successful at one time and then went to what? The T quarterback. It certainly was an innovative move and people are now seeing the various different styles of athletes that are lining up at that position and cause you problems defensively. We'll see how that goes. You'll have to wait, as we all will, to see how the season goes before you find out if anybody really has an answer.

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