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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. It must have felt good to get Rocky Bernard back.

A. Yeah, it was good to have him out there. You know, he said he felt very pretty good, too…and we had the two corners (Corey Webster and Aaron Ross) out there this morning. That's all good stuff.

Q. How much will Rocky be able to do when he puts the pads on for a full practice.

A. We'll see, he's very limited. I mean he's only got a small percentage of plays, but just to have him out there and get him started.

Q. Are you close to getting Chris Canty back?

A. No, they're not giving me any word on that.

Q. I know you were probably asked this after the game, but how much of an impact do the preseason games have on the bubble guys?

A. No, I wasn't asked that question. It's a cumulative, I mean they're evaluated every day, but it's also what they do in the games and in competitive situations, (that has) a big impact on everybody's thoughts. It's just like when you're watching these young guys play, they're out there, they're competing, they're nervous, you know… how they handle that, what they do about it, how they—do they take their preseason work in how they've been coached on the field, or do they revert to some habits or some things which don't have anything to do with what we're asking them to do…so, all of that stuff is important. 

Q. After the game I asked about the receivers and you told me you were going to kind of have to take a look at them. What did you mean by that?

A. I don't know, I don't remember the question. You asked me who played well or something…what was the question?

Q. I asked you to assess the young receivers.

A. Oh, I just think that—what I meant was that there isn't any doubt that you know, you have the one preseason game, you have two teams that are physical teams that run the ball well, you pretty much know what you're going to see. Well, I think it's a matter of—when people play you a certain way, for these kids they have an opportunity now, all of them, not just a few, they have an opportunity in certain situations to perform and that's the message—one of the most objective things I'll probably say in camp.

Q. You guys just had a game, and now you have another one in two days…how do you work that?

A. Put it this way, I wouldn't design it that way. I think what we did this morning was a good, positive step for our players and what I told them is that—what I've done is tried to segment five opportunities for us to learn more about Chicago and get ourselves ready to play. What we're doing today, there's no cards at all. We're just going to practice like a training camp practice, but in our meetings we'll start to go ahead and put the Chicago stuff together for the players. Tomorrow afternoon will have to be a carded practice pretty much, because it is the only other one we're going to have. We'll jog-through in the morning, we'll practice tomorrow afternoon, we'll have a chance to meet tomorrow night, and then Friday morning we'll have an extensive jog-through. That's all the time on the field we can get. So, you know, it's a little bit of a—to call it preseason…it's not preseason when you're doing things like this. It's really not conducive to the growth that you normally get between the first and second games, but you do the best you can with it, it's not going to be—we'll use it as a challenge, and our guys will have to respond.

Q. Does it help at all considering that you have that Thursday game on Thanksgiving, because you guys will have a quick turnaround there…

A. No, totally different deal….totally different deal.

Q. Are you getting more comfortable using Danny Ware?

A. I don't like that word, I don't know what that word means, but Danny Ware is a good football player. He's just got to show us that he can do it consistently and do all of the things that are expected.

Q. Where do you think he has improved the most?

A. Oh, I think he's focused more than he has ever been. I think I saw that last spring.

Q. You talked before about how Clint Sintim has done against the pass, but how has he done against the run?

A. Good. He's got some things—the other night—that weren't perfect, but we think he is going to be a powerful guy against the run, we think he's got good leverage, and I think it's just a matter of him lining up there next time.

Q. Can you talk about the objective of preseason games. Obviously, the goal is to win, but there is a lot more that goes into it, I'd imagine…

A. Well, the first one was obviously to play everybody and we did that, that's the objective. You always want to win, but you never want to sacrifice the ability to see people. The second one you move along a little bit further. Hopefully you can still play everybody, but there are certain things from a strategy standpoint, which goes along with these questions over here, Vinny (DiTrani's) question, you just can't accomplish enough of—to think that there's going to be that much of an upgrade in some of those situational things that you like to see happen. You know, we had two two-minute situations the other night, weren't very successful with them, but we've had them…we got them into the game, which was a good thing. Those kinds of things, you want to—hopefully, you'll have goal line segments in there, all of those types of things you'd like to get done in preseason.

Q. With Chris Snee's injury is it something that is a strain, or is that structural thing or what?

A. No, it's more of a—you know he's got a little swelling in there and they want to get that swelling out of there once and for all.

Q. Were you disappointed in (Andre) Woodson the other night?

A. I'm disappointed with the interception, yes, but you know to say one guy, isolate him out and say disappointed…no. You know, I certainly would have wanted to see more, but quite frankly, we've got to get better play out of that second offensive line before anybody is going to do anything.

Q. In evaluating the bubble guys, you are looking at practice and the preseason games and you said it is cumulative. Is one more significant than the other?

A. Well, I think impressions—you know,  you'd like to think that the guy has a chance to perform in the game, but it's—you know, players are evaluated every week, they're ranked every week, everything is done accordingly. So a guy can have a bad game one week, come back the next week and have a good week of practice, have him feeling real good about himself, then it sticks with him and he gets X amount of snaps and then does well in the game…that has an impact on him.

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