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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Who's out for Saturday?

A: I don't know. We'll see. I don't know who's out. I'm just trying to get some practices in. Not thinking about that until we get started. The guys who are hanging around the side are definitely not going to go. The exact names and who, we'll see. I'm not ready to tell you that just yet.

Q: Status on Ross and Webster?

A: Ross started back and really has ended up doing very little, doing some individual and that's it. He's not ready. Webster's done pretty much everything.

Q: Were you happy with the way Webster played today?

A: Yeah, he made a nice play on the interception. [He] seems to be moving around pretty well.

Q: Andre Woodson made some good throws today…

A: Andre has made some good throws all through camp, not just today. [He] made a couple of nice throws today and continues to do that.

Q: About Plaxico Burress decision?

A: I think the Giants have covered that one pretty thoroughly. Everybody feels the same way, still very saddened by the whole thing, just an absolute shame.

Q: Are you pleased with the way your team has responded to the distractions?

A: What distractions? Seriously, what distractions? We're in training camp, we have our team, we're going. We're working. We're trying to do the best we can. We've obviously got ourselves in a week that you wouldn't design if you wanted to call something preseason. Nevertheless, here we are. We're working hard. Tomorrow we'll have a very thorough jog-through and callout session and do all our meetings throughout the day and then leave for Chicago.

Q: Gerris Wilkinson says he has cut down on his mental errors. You feel the same way?

A: He's done a nice job. We'll try and continue to see where he goes.

Q: Are you cautious in that assessment?

A: No, I'm not, I'm anxious. Looking forward to it. We're seeing some things that we haven't really been able to see strung together. He's practiced, practiced on and on. He hasn't missed anything, he's played well in the game. He's played well on special teams. That's a huge plus for us if that takes place. I'm just excited about watching his continued growth.

Q: You said Jay Alford woke up and smelled the coffee. Do you think the same about Gerris?

A: I hope so, yeah. I think he's been around long enough to see that. He's smart enough to know that he's had these opportunities and, for one reason or another, hasn't been able to capitalize on them. Hopefully this is a different situation.

Q: Is he going to start on Saturday?

A: I'm not sure exactly how we'll do that. He'll play plenty, whether he starts or not. He'll play special teams, he'll play on defense. He'll get plenty of snaps.

Q: Assessment of receivers today?

A: Receiving core looked like they had a pretty good day today. It's been a little bit up and down. It's obviously an objective this week. Some of the guys did some nice things today and hopefully they carry over to the game.

Q: You mentioned trying to get enough practices in. Do you think you've done enough work going into this preseason game?

A: We had two practices. We had two practices, so we'll gear up and go play the game. We'll find a way, we've learned not to talk about it but to try to do the best we can given the circumstances that we have. We're not complaining about it. We're certainly not going to make any excuses about it. It's not ideal, but we've pretty much exhausted the amount of time we're going to spend on the field full-speed this afternoon. Tomorrow we'll do a little bit more, but it will be more of a jog-through tempo.

Q: What went through your mind when you heard about Plax earlier today?

A: I said what I said.

Q: Do you feel by comparison to other years, that it has been a relatively distraction-free camp?

A: Well, I don't know. What distractions were last year?

Q: You had Strahan a couple years ago, not too much last year other than the pressure of attempting to repeat?

A: No, I thought we handled that camp and that situation well with Michael. I thought that last year's camp was pretty well focused. And I thought that coming into this year, once the Antonio situation was cleared up and resolved, I thought we dealt with that pretty well. I think we're doing it with the football.

Q: How is Antonio's knee?

A: It's not his knee. (It's his foot). He's just sore.

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