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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. Do you like the way they competed?

A. They looked better today. They picked it up, they competed. They competed, it was good competitive work. We had a couple of guys on the ground, but by and large it was okay.

Q. Did (Hakeem) Nicks have his best practice today?

A. He probably did, probably three deep balls, something like that. A good time and the right time to have that happen.

Q. Do you see a big difference since Nicks has gotten over that injury?

A. I see a little bit everyday, a little bit better everyday.

Q. Do you have enough answers to questions you had going into camp?

A. We will be answering or trying to answer those questions right up until we have to make our cuts. I think everyday a player has a chance to sway an opinion or what have you. We have a lot of eyes watching practice. Everyday the players have a great chance.

Q. Do you have any more or any less question marks at this point than you have had in previous seasons?

A. No more, I don't think no more, but we have always is always good if it is competitive, right down to the very end. We do have some things that have to be solved.

Q. Can you talk about David Carr? Coach Palmer said that he wasn't very pleased with where he is at right now. How do you feel about that?

A. I don't think..that's probably not the right word. I think everybody, as a coach right now, this time of year, you want everyone to play better. I think that is what Chris (Palmer) is saying about David (Carr), is that he would like him to play better. He is a veteran football player, he has been a starter, he played well for us last year. To be honest, he hasn't had the greatest protection in the world, so that makes it difficult. We would like him to be able to utilize all the tools in the offense. Some days are good, some days aren't as good. I could probably say the same thing for every player out here. We would like them to play better.

Q. (Zak) DeOssie handling the long and short snapping?

A. We were kind of moving that way, that he would be both short and long.

Q. You were planning on going into the season that way?

A. Well, we were. Obviously we wanted Jay (Alford) involved, because we need to have two. This time we are what we are. He has got to be the guy.

Q. Is that more because of what Zak (DeOssie) was doing well or because you wanted to give Jay a rest?

A. Jay was doing so well playing on the defensive line that we were kind of concerned about him banging his hands up.

Q. What was Stoney Woodson's injury?

A. Ankle.

Q. Was Manningham limited at all today?

A. A little bit, not bad. He came out and did some work. Probably better than expected.

Q. It looked like Kenny Phillips started and then stopped?

A. He did and then they slowed him down again. We've got to work our way through that.

Q. Pierce?

A. He said he felt pretty good and then all of a sudden they weren't going to let him go. I just listen to what the doctors tell me. I get excited when they say good things, and then I get myself too far up in the air and then it doesn't happen and then I am disappointed. We sure could use, at this juncture, obviously all these guys, we need them all. Bernard did some things. I watched Boley through the bags, he looked like he was moving better.

Q. Canty?

A. They actually sent him down to the city to see the doctors and try to figure something else out I guess.

Q. Different rehab?

A. I don't know, just to see him again. See if there is any progress.

Q. Goff says he feels more comfortable this year. Have you seen that?

A. Well, I would hope he is. He has been here and it is his second year. He is a sophomore, so I would hope he is. He played pretty well the other night. He did a good job on teams and he got to play a lot.

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