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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. Anything new on (Aaron) Ross?

A. No.

Q. What did the tests show?

A. He is limping. What can I tell you? What do you want me to tell you? He has got a hamstring.

Q. No worse damage?

A. It's a little worse than it was. As he tried to accelerate, down he went.

Q. Any rhyme or reason as to why there have been so many hamstring injuries?

A. It was in the spring. This is just the one guy...(he) has a chronic (issue). Canty has the hamstring, as well. I don't know what the rhyme or reason would be. You see us go to the band stretches at the end of practice. That is trying to be proactive in that area.

Q. After Canty got the new treatment yesterday, do you see improvement?

A. He is running up and down the sideline. It looks like a little bit faster down the sideline, he couldn't take the field. We will have to see. I am like you guys, I know you want to know. I want to know every day; I just get the same answers.  I don't have anything new for you with regards to any of these things.

Q. I know he is a veteran, but with missing all this time and switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3, is that going to hurt Canty?

A. It is a good thing he had the OTAs and our mandatory camp last spring. But you are right, it is a lot different. Basically, it is a one gap defense and it is a little bit different.

Q. Danny Clark seems pretty excited for this season. Have you seen anything different from him this camp?

A. He just likes to play. We drafted Danny way back when (in Jacksonville), and he is the same kind of guy. He's bubbly, effervescent, loves to play, likes the physical part of the game. He just enjoys being a football player, like it should be.

Q. What have you seen from Ramses Barden? How far away is he from being a contributor?

A. I see from him consistency. The one thing about him he has been out there everyday and he has worked everyday. Whether it is good, bad, or indifferent, he has worked everyday. He has a better feel for what we are doing offensively. He is a rookie, so he is up and down a little bit. But still, he is fighting it out and he is going to have to continue to do that.

Q. You have a new defensive coordinator in Bill Sheridan this year. Is there anything conceptually or technically or personality-wise that will be different?

A. Obviously, it is two different people calling the defense. But, no, statistically the way we are doing it, what we have studied of ourselves over the last two years, our percentages, they may be a little bit different in what we do, but the percentages will be relatively the same.

Q. This is the first time you have used the new fields, how were they?

A. Nice, really nice. It was nice to be here. I have been looking out that window at those things since we got over here in May. They are very nice, and they are ours, which is really neat. It was good to be out there. Players seemed to really enjoy it. It is a faster track than what we have been on up at training camp, so I think they enjoy that part, too.

Q. Is there more wind?

A. Today there was more wind. I don't know if it is always like that out there, but there was quite a bit of wind today. That is what kept it really nice. I don't even think it was a 'fatigue' day. When you look out the window you say 'oh boy, it is going to be 82-83 today,' but when you get out there and the wind is like it is, I don't really think the players had any problems at all.

Q. The dynamic of being home and being in your office?

A. Nice. It is nice to be home. I think the guys probably appreciated very much having the afternoon and evening yesterday. They came into work today, it is a busy day today, we are going to work into the night. We will have dinner here and we will work into the night. But it is nice to be home. It is nice to be back on familiar grounds in terms of having our offices, and our meeting rooms, and getting organized. I was frustrated myself yesterday when I came roaring in here. I thought I took literally nothing to camp with me, but it took me like an hour and a half to unpack this stuff. Where did this stuff come from? But once I got that done and I got everything up on my desk where I could see it, I felt okay.

Q. Does this mean you are moving camp to East Rutherford?

A. Excuse me? I don't know. You asked me one question about Albany, and I answered you honestly. I like it up there. I like the fields, I like the fact we are away, I like the fact we are melding as a team. But there is nothing like coming home.

Q. Given the frustration of the Ross injury and not knowing a lot about it. How does it impact how many guys you will keep at that spot?

A. It is still going to be ability level. That is basically where you are when you do your cuts, it's whether you project the individual to be good enough. We have had two or three corners with a ton of work. You talk about a kid like Bruce Johnson. The work he has gotten in preseason, it is amazing, because we did have both Corey (Webster) and Aaron (Ross) out for a while early on. Then, we got Corey back, then we lost Aaron again, and Stoney Woodson with the ankle, he has tried to go but he hasn't been able to. With one practice a day, those guys are getting a lot of work, they should really benefit by this.

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