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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. Is Antonio (Pierce) out for the game?

A. Yes.

Q. More of a precautionary thing or is he worse?

A. He is running and doing okay. He still has a little soreness; they are going to try to make sure that they can clear that up.

Q. How did (Chris) Canty feel today?

A. I didn't really get a chance (to talk to him). I watched him on the side. He told the doctor and people last night he is feeling pretty good. We'll see.

Q. It looks like you have had some progress with (Richie) Seubert and (Chris) Snee?

A. They have been there all week. They have practiced all week.

Q. You think they might play a little?

A. They might.

Q. The weather could be a real issue on Saturday night. Could that ruin a lot of your plans?

A. I am just picking up on what potentially could happen. I saw the rain was predicted but now it's rain and wind and this storm. We will just see, we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully we can still do what we want to do in order to feature some people and try to get a look. We just have to react..sudden change.

Q. Sometimes you get out there on a night like that and it's kind of almost like survival mode. You can't do half of what you want to do, right?

A. I don't know, it really hasn't happened that way. We'll go in thinking we can do everything that we talked about doing.

Q. How much clearer is your returner situation?

A. Crystal, crystal clear.

Q. Danny Ware was back there getting some punt work?

A. He can, he goes back there, he is one of many.

Q. With (Aaron) Ross's hamstring, is there consideration of doing to him what you guys did with (Chris) Canty?

A. There was talk about that. I am not sure whether the doctor..the initial thing was that they injected but they didn't do what you were talking about. I don't know if that will be the answer. They would like to see how it works out with (Chris) Canty. If he improves, then it would certainly be an option.

Q. You guys have talked this offseason about these young, drafted receivers (Nicks and Barden) and wanting to see which guys are going to step up. We have seen those guys work in with Eli (Manning) and the starters during training camp, we haven't seen it in the preseason games. Are you going to try to go into this one and see all these guys working with the first team?

A. There may be some of that. I think that question has been asked. Last week the two young guys played about 35 plays. We put them in, left them in and let them play a lot. I think getting them to play a lot is one thing which we are trying to accomplish. When they have practiced and had an opportunity to be with Eli, Eli has been comfortable with that and so have they. They have continued to. I think they have had pretty good days this week without stepping backwards. That is always what I am interested in and the stay power. I think actually that Hakeem (Nicks) is getting stronger, getting more powerful, running faster, doing all of those things.

Q. Is it fair to say then that it is not so much who they work with, so much as they work, game-wise?

A. Well, I mean, you would obviously like to see them have a chance with Eli and the offensive line, to have some protection so that the ball could be thrown. We know what we expect to see. The Jets are a very aggressive defensive team, a pressure, pressure, pressure team. That part of it will be interesting.

Q. Is it harder for the young guys in the backfield to pick up a blitz against a 3-4 defense?

A. No, not necessarily, if they know what they are doing. It is all about recognition; they key off certain calls up front. If those calls are made, they understand them, and they can quickly relate to them they would certainly have just as good of a chance as a veteran.

Q. Are you looking for a half from your starters or are you going to try going into the third quarter?

A. We'll see. We always say into the third quarter a little, sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. Depends on how many snaps.

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